Welcome to the Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization

The municipalities within the Cayuga Lake watershed
recognize the enormous and irreplaceable ecological,
economic and social value of Cayuga Lake,
its tributaries, and its wetlands.

The purpose of the Intermunicipal Organization is to bring the watershed municipalities together to work collectively and collaboratively on monitoring, protecting, and restoring the health of the watershed.


The IO recently completed a Local Waterfront Revitalization Project to advance the recommendations of the 2017 Watershed Restoration and Protection Plan. This process brought representatives from state agencies, county governments, towns, and villages together to identify high priority water quality improvement projects and ready them for funding requests. Project ideas were developed by municipalities and other stakeholders and ranked and reviewed by an interdisciplinary team. The project materials are provided below:


View a listing of proposed projects    View an interactive project map   

This project was prepared with funding provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.


Last year, the IO conducted a survey of water quality projects happening throughout the watershed.  That information is available in spreadsheet form by clicking on the links below.  The purpose of the project was 3-fold:  1) to help inform the LWRP project,  2) to share project ideas and information between watershed municipalities,  and 3) to provide information on how projects are being funded.  It is our hope to keep this information up to date and we are working on how to better format these docuemnts and how to provide municipal representatives an easy way to submit project information.