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Non-Point Source Pollution

Cayuga Lake is significantly affected by non-point source pollution.  Point source pollution is pollution that enters a waterbody from a pipe or other well known source.   Non-point source pollution is carried to waterbodies like Cayuga Lake through runoff from the land.  Thus a vast array of land use activities can potentially be a nonpoint source of pollution.  Many of these activities have been identified in Chapter II of this report.  Being general and indefinite, nonpoint source pollution is difficult, if not impossible, to regulate out of existence.  Each individual nonpoint source is usually insignificant, but the cumulative effects of multiple non-point sources create the significance. 

Chapter I of this report describes in large part the approach that has been used to develop and structure a plan addressing nonpoint source pollution in the Cayuga Lake Watershed.  Chapter II covers the issues, water quality status and major areas of water quality concern in the Cayuga Lake Watershed.  Chapter III considers the strategies, recommendations & management options for the major areas of nonpoint source pollution in the Cayuga Lake Watershed.

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