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Web-Linked Interactive CD-ROM

One of the most important aspects of watershed management is education and public participation. In order to provide useful educational material packaged in an understandable, useful, and motivating format and also to disseminate information and data developed and collected for the Cayuga Lake watershed, the Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization (IO) and the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network are committed to the development and production of the Cayuga Lake watershed educational program. The development of a Watershed Assessment web-linked Interactive CD-ROM is one of the main tools to accomplish these objectives.

The Watershed Assessment compact disk (CD), is a web-linked educational resource that is interactive and offers a comprehensive information-delivery capability. This capability includes on-line access to recent and real-time watershed information data, as well as on-line GIS-based maps. The main objective of this program is to help the general public, elected officials, students, and highway maintenance staff to make well-informed decisions, consistent with the watershed management plan.

The opening screen of the watershed assessment CD will begin with an introduction to the concepts of watershed-based natural resources management, watershed assessment, indicators and analyzes the impact of urbanization, agriculture, deforestation, and erosion. The case study of Cayuga Lake is presented here as an option for navigating the contents of the CD and associated web site links.

Because the contents of the CD will be compiled, the information, graphics, maps and models run in the host computer, without the need of any extra or special software.

Great effort will be placed on organizing eight workshops to present the contents of this CD and enhance the learning experience of the residents of the Cayuga Lake Watershed. The information to be accessed on-line, from the CD platform, as well as the recent and real-time monitoring data has been carefully matched to the presentation format of the CD. The web content will be mirrored at more than one server for faster access, and to minimize the potential risk of information losses or the inconvenience of a busy, or "crashed" server. The CD platform also offers a lively session even without access to the web, a faster navigation using a modem connection, than without a CD platform in the user’s computer, and a very rewarding experience with cable connection to the web.

At the end of each workshop, participants will complete a brief survey designed to evaluating their knowledge of watershed management and decision making abilities. Workshop participants will receive a follow-up survey approximately six months later that will attempt to gauge changes in participant behavior as a result of their participation on the present program.

All project partners will convene to discuss the successes and areas of improvement for this educational collaboration. This discussion will also help to improve cooperation for future efforts and implementation of the Cayuga Lake Management Plan.

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