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Data and Information Clearinghouse


The Cayuga Lake Watershed Restoration & Protection Plan project, as well as many other organizations and programs throughout the watershed, have acquired and developed data and information for the purposes of characterizing, planning, and implementing in the Cayuga Lake Watershed. The data and information is in digital (computerized) and non-digital (hardcopy only) format and is presently not available or linked in one location. The data and information includes geographic information system (GIS) data used for spatial analysis and mapping purposes throughout the life of the project, monitoring data, program data, and reports.


To have a central and/or accessible location or all of the past, present, and future data and information or metadata characterizing the Cayuga Lake Watershed.


Have a point person and central location that collects and catalogs information and data or metadata (data about the data and link to the original data) for all information and data pertaining to the Cayuga Lake Watershed including, among other things, the data and information that has been acquired or developed as part of the RPP project. Information and data types include the following:

Tasks include inventorying, acquiring, database and cataloging, and maintaining/updating.

Options include the following:

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