EPA Catalogue of Practices. Through the Environmental Technology Initiative, EPA has compiled a series of fact sheets describing innovative and alternative wastewater technology projects in both small and large communities. These alternative technologies were funded through the agency’s former Construction Grants Program.

The fact sheets were designed to be used as a preliminary process selection tool in identifying an appropriate wastewater technology/practice for single-family residences, clusters of homes, subdivisions, or communities. Two versions of fact sheets are available for each technology: a four-page technical overview for engineers, manufacturers, regulators, and other technical audiences and a two-page general overview for elected officials and the public. Both fact sheets describe how the technology works, its advantages and disadvantages, operation and maintenance, and costs. The technical fact sheets also include design/process specifications, performance characteristics, and application results in the form of case studies.

Technical and general fact sheets are available on the following technologies / practices:

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Chlorine Disinfection

Ozone Disinfection

Fine Bubble Aeration

Trickling Filters: Achieving Nitrification

Intermittent Sand Filters

Recirculating Sand Filters

Mound Systems

Composting Toilet Systems

Low-Pressure Pipe Systems

Septage Management

Evapotranspiration Systems

Water Efficiency


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