Regulatory Management of Impervious Surfaces

  Comprehensive Plan Zoning Subdivision Site Plan
City of Ithaca   Combine driveways whenever possible; Building Commisioner approval for new and enlarged park lots (four cars or more); surface of parking areas and driveways according to standards, minimum erosion and shall support drainage; acceptable surface material: crushed stone, brick, concrete, asphalt or sim. Compacted gravel roadway approved by City Engineer In parking areas a minimum of 12% of interior ground area shall be planted including trees with at least 50 feet mature height and 2 1/2 inch at time of planting
Town of Aurelius   Accessory structures >200 square feet need build permit; well-drained parking; max building cover: A, AR, FH 10%; R and C 30%; I 35%; off-street parking and loading facility: all weather surface, may be gravel, crushed stone, concrete, black top    
Town of Caroline     Avoid construction on hydric soils; impervious surfaces in favor of pervious surf; areas that raise concerns: large parking lots or load areas without methods to contain oil and sediment deposited on pavement  
Town of Catherine   One-family, ag., business: >20 % of lot covered w/ structures multi-family: >50 % of lot covered w/ structures Pavement approved by Highway Superintendent  
Town of Danby   Low-density area: no more than 25% of lot covered; commercial zone: <30%; new mobile home park: access drives and walkways paved w/ blacktop, concrete, or other solid materials; old mobile home park: crusher run stone    
Town of Dryden   <15% of lot covered w/ structures (low density residential, low density residential and ag); <20% w/ structures and <30% including water and sewer facilities (moderate density ag-res); <30% (higher density ag-commercial-residential), <60% (manufacturing and assembly); Planned Unit Dev District with minimum of 100acres, a minimum of 30% in low density residential must remain open    
Town of Fleming   Maximum building on lot coverage for all zones 35%    
Town of Homer Sufficient to let water penetrate ground Establishment of Aquifer Protection District, including Wellhead Protection Area (Area I), Primary Aquifer Area (including Environmental Conservation Law wetlands)(Area II), and Principal Aquifer Area (including Environmental Conservation Law wetlands (area III), Tributary Watershed Area) (Area IV). Prohibited uses include pavement/impervious parking with area >12,000 sq feet in Areas I and II.    
Town of Ithaca   Multiple family homes: park lots surfaced w/ black top, compacted gravel or other dust-free material, graded to drain properly and access and sidewalks covered w/ black-top, concrete, other solid material; Business C: <30% lot cover; park: black-top, stone, dust-free material, graded to drain; Light industrial, industrial: black-top, stone, dust-free material, graded to drain; Six Mile Creek Valley Construction District: no more than 15% of total lot covered    
Town of Lansing Should encourage a maximum amount of natural vegetation in development projects and planting of appropriate new trees along roads and park lots      
Town of Virgil   Maximum lot/land coverage: farm and farm uses (AG, AR) 10%; Highway Commercial 30%; PUD 50%; all other 20%    
Village of Aurora   Maximum building coverage: AR 30%; R 30%; C 35%; I 25%    
Village of Dryden   Maximum lot coverage: RA 30%, RB 40%, Multiple R 30%; Specified road construction material: bituminous concrete as surface    
Village of Freeville   maximum lot coverge: residential 15 - 20%; ag 30% (residential), 40% (non-residential); site plan 40% (residential, municipal, education, business), 50% (religious), 80% (commercial)    
Village of Lansing   Maximum lot coverage: low density residential, all uses (10%); medium density residential (sewered areas 15%; non-sewered 10%); high dens residential (sewered areas 20%, non-sewered 10%); commercial low traffic (none); commercial high density traffic (none); business and technology (25%); research (25%) Require bituminous concrete street pavement  
Village of Trumansburg   Industrial district: maximum lot coverage 50%, rest for parks, sidewalks Adequate drain facility required where water course separates street from abutting property; and where subdivision is traversed by water course ROW or easement >20ft, approval by town engineer required; Board may require to carry away spring or surface water through pipe or ditch, location in street ROW where feasible; Drain facility to carry entire potential run-off from upstream from 10 year storm, approval by town engineer; Drain facility to prevent overflow of downstream facility in a 5 year storm, approval by town engineer  

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