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Intermunicipal Organization

Mission Statement: To create, modify, and implement a watershed management plan to allow local governments within the watershed to work together for the purposes of accessing dollars, cost savings, cost sharing, and efficiency of activities among municipalities. This plan when completed will prioritize water quality problems and solutions. The Intermunicipal Organization will provide direction for the regional planning boards and other staff, and oversee the entire project.

Intermunicipal Organization (IO) membership is comprised of watershed municipalities (counties, cities, towns and villages) that have signed the Call for Cooperation and Resolution to Endorse a Watershed Study for Cayuga Lake. Presently 28 of 44 municipalities and four of the six counties have signed the Call for Cooperation and are therefore IO members. While 28 of 44 represents only 64% of the municipalities, they cover a combined 76% of the land area in the watershed. If you included land area in the watershed that is covered by either a municipality or a county on the IO, the percent is approximately 90.

Generally, the IO meets monthly with a set agenda. The IO has defined organizational issues such as quorums, voting and committees. Committees that function under the IO include Technical, Education/Public Participation/Outreach, Finance and Agriculture Committees. Non-municipal stakeholders can participate via avenues such as membership on IO committees, the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, and forums that have occurred throughout the project.

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