1997 Finger Lakes-Lake Ontario Watershed Protection Alliance (FL-LOWPA) Conference

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation staff facilitated a session at the Finger Lakes - Lake Ontario Water Planning Alliance (FL-LOWPA) Conference on Visioning for the Future of Cayuga Lake. Developing a vision meant to take a long-term, seventh generation approach to looking at the watershed. The objective was to get people to share their view of what the watershed should be in the future; the overall goal or vision. The process used to develop this vision included: an overview of the Ecosystem Approach to Watershed Management; individual time to brainstorm elements of the vision; round robin responses from the participants; an opportunity to clarify, combine and evaluate responses, developing the vision (vision statement); determining next steps; and a process check.

Since time was limited and there were over fifty people participating, the process ended at the "clarify, combine and evaluate responses" step, and no vision statement was developed. The combined, clarified categories for developing the vision were completed and are as follows:

All the above categories were to be included in some manner in a future vision statement for the Cayuga Lake Watershed.

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