Cayuga Lake Watershed

Issues Prioritization

Please discuss Cayuga Lake Watershed Issues Prioritization with your municipal board. Each Intermunicipal Organization representative has a total of 15 points, which can be used in any combination to rank the following items:

Use Concerns

__Access to the lake

__Aesthetics/scenic beauty/viewsheds

__Lake water levels

__Water quantity



__Drinking water

__Invasive/exotic plants and animals

__Sewage smell and bacteria

__Weed growth

__Algae blooms

__Groundwater and groundwater/surface water interaction

__Other – specify________________

Environmental Threats

__Development (including urban/rural sprawl, shoreline development)

__Natural areas (including loss of open space, diminishing natural habitat

__Shoreline and riparian corridor degradation

__Sediment loading (including siltation and streambank/roadbank erosion

__Nutrient loading

__Heavy metals

__Organics (including pesticides and chemical and petroleum storage systems)

__Pathogens & viruses (including coliform, giardia and cryptosporidia)

__Thermal loading

__Land fills, dumps and hazardous spills and materials

__Agriculture sources of contamination

__Industry (including material stockpiles, transport and transfer stations, wells, mines and industrial processes)

__Commercial sources of contamination

__Municipal sources of contamination (including road deicing material)

__Residential lawn care and household hazardous waste

__Stormwater runoff (including impervious surfaces and roadside ditches)

__Waste water and waste water treatment plants

__On-site septic

__Motorized recreational vehicles (including noise)

__Habitat protection

__Other – specify________________

Management Issues

__Economic revitalization and sustainability

__Tourism and other economic development

__Comprehensive planning (vs. short-term, site specific planning)


__Sampling and monitoring (tributaries and lake)

__Modeling (loading)

__Water quality standards

__Municipal resources (including expertise, time, funding)

__Enforcement of existing law

__Indian land claims

__Permitting process

__Regulations – give example______

__Infrastructure (public sewer and water)

__Watershed Education

__Other – specify________________



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