Regulatory Management for Steep Slope & Structural Measures

  Comprehensive Plan Zoning Subdivision
Town of Caroline     Avoid cross streams and ditches with roads and driveways to handle potent future upland runoff and prepare for 100yr flood.  Consider landscape slope instead of retaining wall
Town of Catherine     Planning Board may require larger lot sizes when slope >15%
Town of Covert     Grading plan if natural contours to be changed more than 2 feet
Town of Danby Appropriate topography for development   No development when >15% poses threat to environment, residents. Construction at >15% need Code Enforcement approval for stabilization and revegetation measures. When land disturbed: no slope steeper than 1 foot vertical rise to 3 feet horizontal distance, except when slope grade existed before development, even than Planning Board approval necessary (threats to nature and residents). Use terraces and diversions on long slopes to minimize erosion, also sedimentation; basins, traps
Town of Groton Avoid development on steep slopes to minimize effects on soil stability and water quality    
Town of Ithaca   No construction over 25% with minimum horizontal slope length of 25 feet  
Town of Lansing   Site Plan Review: development on erodible soils and slopes >10% shall include erosion plan  
Town of Romulus Least possible development    
Village of Cayuga     No development over 10%
Village of Lansing   Permit for development >25%  
Village of Trumansburg Protection from destructive development    

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