1. What is the approximate distance of your house from the lake?

a) less than 25 feet

b) 26 feet to 99 feet

c) 100 feet to .5 mile.

d) more than .5 mile

2. Does the property that you own have lake frontage? Yes No

3. What was your length of residence in 1997 in the watershed (check one):

a) Weekends only

b) Part of summer only

c) Part of summer plus some weekends

d) Whole summer

e) Whole summer plus some weekends

f) Year round

4. What was the average number of people in residence in 1997:

1     2     3    4     5    6 other

5. If you are NOT a year round resident in the watershed, where is your permanent home?

a) within 60 miles

b) elsewhere in NY

c) Pennsylvania

d) other (list)

6. Are you a member of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network? Yes No

 7. How would you rate the water quality in the lake for:

Excellent Good Fair Poor Not Sure
7a) Swimming
7b) Boating
7c) Fishing

8. Have you noticed any deterioration in lake water quality during the following time periods? (check one or more)

a) In 1997

b) In the last 5 years

c) In the last 5 - 10 years

d) In the last 10 - 25 years

e) None whatsoever


9. Please describe any recent changes in lake water quality that have affected your use of the lake:

10. Do you believe that there is an aquatic weed problem in the lake? Yes No

10A. If you answered YES, how serious would you rate the aquatic weed problem? (please circle one number)

1. Very serious     2. Somewhat serious 3. Not at all serious 4. Not sure

11. Please rate each of the following as a means of dealing with excessive loading of nutrients from a variety of sources. 1=not acceptable 2=least preferred 5 = most preferred

1 2 3 4 5

a. Mechanical harvesting of weeds

b. Use weed killing chemicals

c. Increased inspection of lakeshore property septic systems

d. Required regular pumping of lakeshore property septic tanks

e. Require all lakeshore owners to have holding tanks for wastewater

f. Require all farmers in the area to use Best Management Practices

g. Restrict use of fertilizers by all landowners near the lake

h. Place limit on number of year round residences on lakeshore

i. Place stricter controls on development near the lake

12. How adequately do you feel the present land use regulations protect water quality in the lake? (circle one number)

1. Very adequate 2. Adequate 3. Not adequate 4. Don’t know


13. Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following statements concerning land use regulations for the protection of water quality in the Lake. Please use the following scale and circle your answer.

1=Strongly agree 2=Agree 3=Undecided 4=Disagree 5=Strongly disagree

1 2 3 4 5

a. Land use regulation results in loss of individual freedom

b. If there are too many regulations controlling land use, it will not be worth living here

c. Rural areas such as this do not need strict land use laws

d. Regulation does not slow down the rate of development

e. Land use regulations destroy property rights

f. It is up to the residents of each town to decide how they want to regulate land use

g. Regulations controlling land use around the lakeshore are unnecessarily strict

h. Watershed-wide regulations are worse than each town devising its own land use regulations

i. The land use laws presently in existence are adequate to protect lake water quality

j. Too many land use regulations will frighten people away from this area the quality of life

l. We do not need more land use controls as there are natural limits on what people can on their land

m. The lake is so large that land use controls to protect water quality are not practicable

n. I will not be able to sell my property if there are too many restrictions on it

14. How much would you be willing to pay per year to keep the Lake clean? (circle one).

$0     up to $25 $25 – 50    $50 - 100     over $100

15. How much impact does water quality have on the value of property? (circle one)

1. Major impact 2. Limited impact 3. No impact  4. Not sure

16. Mark the approximate location of your house on the watershed map

17. Please indicate how much (if any) each of the following should pay for the cost of keeping the lake clean? (circle one number for each line): 1=should pay none 2=should pay some 3=should pay all 4=not sure


1 2 3 4

a. Federal government

b. State government

c. Local government

d. Lake association members

e. Lake users

f. Lakeshore property owners

g. Everyone in the watershed

h. Those who cause the pollution

i. Farmers in the watershed

k. Businesses/industry in the watershed


18. What is the appropriate level of government for controlling land use in the Watershed? (circle one number corresponding to the scale, for each type of government)

1=Most suitable 2=Suitable 3=Poorly suited 4=Not at all suitable 5=Not sure

1 2 3 4 5

a. Local

b. County

c. Watershed-wide/Multi-County District

d. State

e. Federal

The following information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will never be associated with your name.

A. How many years have you owned property in the watershed?

1-2 years 10-20 years

3-5 years over 20 years

5-10 years

B. What kind of property do you own in the watershed?






Open Land


C. How much land do you own in the watershed? (check one)

less than .5 acre 5.1 to 10 acres

.5 to 1 acre 10.1 to 25 acres

1.1 to 3 acres 25.1 to 100 acres

3.1 to 5 acres over 100 acres

D. What was your approximate total household income, before taxes, in 1997?

$0 - 40,000        $120,001 - 160,000

$40,001 - 80,000 $160,000+

$80,001 - 120,000

Source: Seneca Lake Watershed Resident Survey, Seneca Lake Area Partners, 1999.

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