Cayuga Lake Watershed
Preliminary Watershed Characterization

December, 2000

The Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization (IO) is leading the Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Planning process. The IO is a coalition of towns, villages and counties formed for the purpose of protecting the watershed. To that end, the IO produced a Preliminary Watershed Characterization. I am pleased to offer you this CD-ROM version of the Characterization. The full report will also be available via the Internet at The Characterization reflects extensive comments received in conjunction with public meetings last January.

The CD contains a “Readme.txt” file detailing the contents of the CD and its operation. The files on the CD contain links, commonly indicated with red text, to related Web pages and to other documents on the CD. Please note that in order for a link to work, most often the cursor must be positioned at the leading edge of the red text. When correctly positioned, the open hand will change to a pointing finger. If the cursor changes to an arrow, slowly move the cursor to the left until the pointing finger appears.

The IO has prioritized the issues identified in the Characterization and is now drafting management strategies for addressing those issues. Professional and public support is still needed as we move to this next critical phase. Your support and involvement will help make this project a success. Input by professionals and elected officials is being sought in advance of the public meetings. Please contact me if you are interested in reviewing the drafts as they become available.

You can also assist the management planning process by attending, and encouraging others to attend, one of the public meetings to discuss the strategies selected to address watershed issues. The meetings will take place at four locations around the watershed:

February 6 : Seneca Falls at Mynderse Academy, snow date February 13
February 8 : Poplar Ridge at South Cayuga High School, snow date February 15
February 12 : Interlaken at Interlaken Baptist Church, snow date February 19
February 14 : Ithaca at Boynton Middle School, snow date February 27

All meetings will be held 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

If you know of a forum where a member of the Intermunicipal Organization could give a presentation on the management planning process and the watershed issues that have been identified to date, please contact me. I can be reached at 607-272-2292, or at Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County, 615 Willow Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850 .

I hope to see you at one of the public meetings in February.

Sharon K. Anderson
Cooperative Extension Educator

Descriptions of Files Comprising the
Preliminary Watershed Characterization

Note: the entire report is 35 megabytes and is more readily viewed on CD-ROM. The components of the report are available here for viewing and downloading, but be aware that on a good day the entire report would take about 3 hours to download over a 28.8 k modem.


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