The Cayuga Lake Preliminary Waterched Characterization is available here for your convenience, however, the best way to view and use the report is with the CD-ROM version. Send requests to: info@cayugawatersh

Viewing the Report

In order to view the Cayuga Lake Preliminary Watershed Characterization you will need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have either on your computer you can obtain the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader free on-line from

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Viewing the Cayuga Lake Watershed
Preliminary Watershed Characterization

To view or print the Cayuga Lake Watershed Characterization click on the link to download that file. If your browser does not open Adobe Acrobat automatically, then open it manually and then open the downloaded document. In most cases, Adobe Acrobat wi ll open automatically.

Each file can be opened and viewed individually from Acrobat Reader. They include the following:
Executive Summary Executive Summary.pdf
Table of Contents Tablecont.pdf
Acknowledgements acknow.pdf
Welcome cover1.pdf
Inside Cover cover2.pdf
Chapter 1 Chapter1.pdf
Chapter 2, Section 1 chapter2.1.pdf
Chapter 2, Sections 2-6 chapter2.2-2.6.pdf
Chapter 2, Sections 7-11 chapter2.7-2.11.pdf
Chapter 2, Section 12 chapter2.12.pdf
Chapter 2, Section 13-14 chapter2.13-2.14.pdf
Chapter 3, Sections 1-3 chapter3.1-3.3.pdf
Chapter 3, Section 4 chapter3.4.pdf
Chapter 3, Sections 5-6 chapter3.5-3.6.pdf
Chapter 3, Section 7 chapter3.7.pdf
Chapter 3, Section 8 chapter3.8.pdf
Chapter 3, Section 9 chapter3.9.pdf
Chapter 3, Section 10 chapter3.10.pdf
Chapter 3, Sections 11-13 chapter3.11-3.13.pdf
Chapter 4, Section 1 chapter4.1.pdf
Chapter 4, Section 2 chapter4.2.pdf
Chapter 4, Section 3 chapter4.3.pdf
Chapter 5 Chapter5.pdf
Chapter 6 Chapter6.pdf
Chapter 7 Chapter7.pdf
Chapter 8 Chapter8.pdf
Appendix A appendAcov.pdf
Appendix B appendBcov.pdf
Appendix C appendCcov.pdf
Appendix D appendDcov.pdf
Appendix E appendEReflist.pdf
Appendix F appendFglos.pdf
Appendix G appendGacro.pdf
Appendix H appendH.pdf
Appendix I appendIinterim.pdf
Appendix J appendJ.pdf
List of Figures List of Figures.pdf
List of Tables List of Maps.pdf
List of Maps List of Tables.pdf
Sewer Survey sewerserv.pdf

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Preliminary Watershed Characterization

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