EEPOC Meeting

Present: Lynn Leopold, Jerry Codner, John Terninko , Deb Grantham, Sharon Anderson , Sephra Albert

Wells -
suggest tallying how many from which county (Cayuga 36, Cortland 4, Tompkins 50, Seneca 11)
Steve sent out a notice from CLWN to Supervisors/town clerks urging officials to attend. This may have been effective and part of why different municipalities, new people attended.

Dave Zorn’s - slide was different than what was presented at the IO meeting. A lot was condensed. Concern about text over photos/graphics.

Feb. Meetings
the objective is to present issues and strategies to address those issues
get input from participants on are we on target
increase visibility of the plan to give support

Clear statement is needed at the opening of the meetings
This is part of the process beyond DOS funding
how the process got started
who’s been involved so far
how people can get involved; do you see other ways you can be involved

Look for projects that tangibly help community. EPPOC efforts needs to show case success to show why support IO and management plan. Need to each multiple audiences. Suggested projects could be:
Roadside erosion that includes Highway Superintendent
Ag community
Citizens - stream bank stabilization
If we want these to move forward, suggest the EPPOC meet jointly with Finance Committee and give them these as just three examples of projects that enhance water quality.

1) Roadside Erosion
Web page - has erosion report. It’s unclear the procedure that was used
August information on the inventory went out to Tech Committee
what is the next step?
how to get data on other reaches

2) Workshop for Citizens could cover;
How to survey own stream & input data
Learn how doing streambank stabilization
Buy vegetation

3) The Ag Committee - the group that should/will come up with Ag programs

Name for Management Plan
What will be in it?
Who is the audience? Is it for municipal officials?
What’s the next step of after the document is complete?
What would an actual plan be?
How do we get from a framework to a plan?
Suggestions for better names:
Watershed Management Strategies
IO’s first stab at protecting the watershed
Framework for a Management Plan
Watershed Protection Framework
Framework for Protecting CLW
Water Qality Improvement Plan

Deb - will send a paragraph on Ag & Streambank

Jim has previously volunteer to draft a suggested agenda for Feb meetings

Everyone agreed it is important to create a slide show to go to Boards

O://sa/IO/eppoc/00 11 09 mins.doc

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