IO Education Public Participation Outreach
May 12, 1999

Present Jerry Codner, Jim Skaley, Deborah Grantham, Sharon Anderson

Explanation of the project and its history, Tee-Ann and Sharon's role, the draft of goals and strategies. The grant requires 1 public meeting,
however in order

There was a discussion of the IO and the Network and how the two groups fit together.

The committee discussed outreach strategies and concurred that targeting specific groups was necessary. Both general and specific groups
were added to the targ

Stakeholders need to be provided with an executive summary and know how to get access to the full report. Too expensive to send full report to
everyone. It wil

Questioned the value of sending a mailing to everyone in the watershed. Sharon will check if this is really necessary.
Need different strategies when working with the general public v.s. groups already doing work on water resources issues. The latter needs
information on the p

For the general public who don't have the background or experience, the public meetings are an educational opportunity to help understand the
process and why t

Location and times: concerned that Seneca Museum might be too small. Schools are viewed as neutral. Romulus or Trumansburg Schools could be good options.

Incentives: apply for credits for pesticide, water and waster water treatment operators. Deb will inquire about if the meetings would
qualify. They would help

For the SWAP programs some section 319 money was used in the form of mini grants to the county Water Quality Coordinating Committees (WQCC). Wondered if we mig

Need representation from Seneca County and other areas around the lake. All except one member is from Tompkins County. Ask the IO if they would be willing to s

Discussed the list of potential members suggested in Pam O'Malley's letter. Concerns about asking DEC and others staff to participate in the
committee. Need pe

Jim will ask a new member of the Network who is a sportsfisher and a staff person at Seneca Museum.

Sharon will contact Cooperative Extension staff. Will also ask about media contacts in their counties.

Wendy Skinner the PR person with the Tompkins County Board of Reps. might be a good person to involve. First need to get some more
non-Tompkins County people

Meeting Times and Locations:
Next meeting will be May 26 at 9:00pm after the IO meeting. After that we will see if we an meet via conference calls. Deb will check if her
office will allow

Next Steps:
Sharon will give report at May IO and request ideas for new members and ideas of groups to target.

Set dates and times for the public hearings.

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