EPPOC Meeting Minutes
Oct. 22, 2001

Present: Lynn Leopold, Sharon Anderson, Karin Harjes, Deb Grantham and Kristin Kerwin

Administrative Notes:

Minutes: need someone to be in charge of taking notes for meeting minutes on a regular basis

Tracking time: need someone to be in charge of tracking all EPPOC related meeting times for in-kind

1. Speakers Bureau:

List of Potential Speakers:

Sewer control/regulations; aquifer study; other general: Kate Hachett

City of Ithaca sewer supply: Jose Lozano

Agricultural issues: Check with IO Agriculture committee

Ground water contamination: Cayuga Co. Health Department, Eileen O’Connor,
Director of Environmental Health

Lake Source Cooling: Linda Wagenet or Brenda Catland (RUSS unit)

Jacksonville: Dick Coogon (Jacksonville Comm. Assoc.)

Drinking Water/Wells: Kelly Sevier, Co. Health Depts., Bill Kappell, USGS, Tom Vawter

Environmental Science, Monitoring: Niamh O’Leary, Tom Vawter, Liz Moran

IO/RPP: Sylvia Hurlburt, Sharon Anderson, Deb Grantham

Criteria for Presenters:
• good public speaker
• preferably local to request
• knowledgeable about the topic

Will pass list out at IO meeting Oct. 24 th for additions/deletions to the list.

Karin will be contact for speakers and EPPOC will write press release promoting Speakers Bureau.
2. Informational Press Release for Highschools:

• let highschool teachers know that the RPP is available
• encourage teachers to use RPP in classes
• include Network Essay Contest
• mention volunteer monitoring opportunities (maybe)

Request that Linda Wagenet put notice in CfE news letter about RPP.

3. EPA Education Grant:

Topics to be considered for the grant:

• Interactive CD –EPA more interested in implementation than development
• LEAPE-Sharon seeking funding for this program
• Mass Media- using video and radio clips for watershed education - focused enough for this grant source

25% of total project is local match

Karin and Kristin working on the proposal, help from other EPPOC members is welcome!

4. EPPOC Workplan for 2002:

1. EPA Grant due November 15; if awarded funding starts July 2002, however we will start planning and designing the video and radio clips before July to give us enough time to finish the project.

2. Establish Speakers Bureau
• list of presenters and contact information
• develop basic presentation and written materials for presenters
• press release promoting speakers bureau

3. Press release for highschools promoting RPP

4. Workshop/Presentation Calendar to be posted on IO Webpage
• Send letter out to see what is currently being done around the watershed on watershed related presentations

Next Meeting time options:

• Dec 4, 2001 6-7:30pm
• Dec 12, 2001 6-7:30pm

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