December 12, 2001 Minutes

Present: Karin Harjes, Jerry Codner, Sharon Anderson

1. EPA Grant
Karin finished and submitted to EPA the environmental education grant proposal she and Kristin Kerwin, Cayuga Lake Watershed Network intern, worked on. Awards are made between April and May, with funding available in July. In our January meeting we will discuss what tasks we want to do prior to hearing in the spring and what we would want to do if we don't get the grant. One discrete task we might want to start would be the radio PSA's since those are "in-kind" match. We could make the radio contacts, write the text and air them, whether or not we receive EPA funding. In January there is an Ithaca college (IC) professor we could contact, plus a retired professor who does this as a business. Good videos were done for Jerry's lab and sailing club. He has some people he can contact so we can be better informed about our options.

In January we will select the PSA topics and start writing scripts. Need to get a sense of what involvement the other EPPOC members would like to have with this project.

2. Speakers bureau
· Cayuga Co Health Dept. is willing to be on the speakers list
· Karin will ask: Liz Moran, Kate Hackett, Jose Lozano, Ag Committee
· Sharon will ask Dick Coogan, Kelly Sevier Fallone, Niamh O'Leary & Tom Vawter (water monitoring and Env. Science), Bill Kappell (drinking water and wells/hydrogeology).
· Jerry will call Larry Fabroni
· Deb will be asked to contact the health departments to see if they are willing to be on the speakers list and to get contact information for the different topics

EPPOC will keep updating the standard presentation that Sharon has been using. It is based on the presentation Liz and Dave did at the May 2001 public meetings. It would be good to have a basic presentation with some options to go to slides that have more detailed information. For example if people have questions on sediment there could be a set of slides or background information to answer specific questions in more detail.

A short set of 3-5 slides on the Restoration and Protection Plan could be offered to presenters as an introduction to their presentation.

Presenters will be given a tracking sheet for documenting:
· the number of people and type of audience
· any areas where more information was needed
· did the questions have any theme or show overall concern
· time, date and location of presentation, and presenter
· supplying EPPOC with a copy of slides suggested (paper or electronic)

EPPOC members and IO members will be encouraged to attend the session and serve as a notetaker, including completing the form.

3. Press Release to Schools. A letter went out today encouraging middle and high school teachers to use the RPP in the classrooms. The Network's Essay Contest was also publicized. Karin will ask Deb how widely the IO press release she wrote was distributed. Should another one go out?

4. Calendar: Jerry and Karin will set up a calendar on the Web page by gathering events that happened around the watershed and posting on the IO Web site. Cooperative Extension, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Universities and Colleges, EcoVillage, Libraries, regional planning offices, water quality coordinating committees all might be sources of information.

January Agenda (tentative)
· Speakers bureau: Promote the speakers bureau via press release and on the web site the list of speakers and topics. Could also mention the use of the RPP by schools.
· Media PSA and video: what tasks shall we pursue before grants are awarded? Who would like to do what?

Submitted by Sharon Anderson

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