EEPOC Meeting
July 20, 1999

Present: Jim, Tee-Ann, Jerry, Deb

Guest: Bobby Cochran

  1. Guest Bobby Cochran working with Center for Environment on a study on environmental coalitions and local government units. They are using Cayuga and Canandaigua watersheds as case studies.
  2. Mini-grant - Deb Grantham reviewed who WQCC’s are and the importance of involving them. Deb will incorporate comments into a new draft, circulate it to EPPOC for a last round of comments before we ask Sylvia to review the letter to WQCC’s Sharon will follow up the letter with a phone call. Send to Cayuga, Tompkins & Seneca. Cortland, Schuyler and Tioga have only small acreage in the watershed.
  3. Time Line - While winter may provide some challenges due to potential bad weather, the committee will take advantage of the extra time to do better outreach.
  4. Lake Fest

Update on tasks

Deb - David Kay re: Planning Federation

Jim - network statement to go on publicity to go with

Mailing list: how to pare it down

EMC - is there a directory of Env. Organizations from other


    1. cull duplicates
    2. key groups newsletter
    3. sort by address so get names but one label, over the next so name shows, one address "householding"
    4. pull every 5th label

Post card for names off tax roles

IO - Deb will give report to the IO

Remind them of questionnaire and request before they leave, ask for Lake Fest speakers

Press packet: watershed flyers

Tee Ann will contact local media and request individual conferences with editors to go over the press packet as soon as the schedule is available.


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