January 18 th, 2002 Minutes

Present: Lynn Leopold, Jerry Codner, Monica Hargraves (CCE Environmental Educator), Karin Harjes

1. Speakers Bureau:

Up-to-date, presenters who have agreed to be placed on the Speakers Bureau list are: Sharon Anderson, Deb Grantham, Liz Moran, Eileen O’Connor, Kate Hackett, Jose Lozano, and Larry Fabbroni.

Information which will be made available to presenters:
A. Slides providing general information
• Watershed map
• IO defined with organization vision
• Introduction to the RPP
• Issues priority list
B. Reference manual summarizing information found in the RPP

Speakers Bureau promotion:
• IO Website
• Follow-up letter sent to highschools
• Press releases and Newspaper articles starting in Februrary
• Letters to Town Boards (both IO members and non-members)
• Civic organizations, Sierra Club, Rotaries etc.

Monica Hargraves suggested that the current presentation categories need to be more eye-catching and added that a presentation covering the benefits of the Lake, focused on audiences such as the Chamber of Commerce, TCAD, Rotary Clubs and realtors, would be a valuable addition to our list of presentation topics.

2. Mass Media Campaign:

It was agreed that EPPOC should start with the script writing and production of the Radio PSAs regardless if we get or don’t get the EPA funding for the Mass Media Campaign in May. Lynn Leopold mentioned that approximately 8 lines of text can be said in a 30 second PSA. As 30 second PSAs have a better chance of fitting in a better time slot than longer PSAs, and repetition is good, it was decided that EPPOC would focus on doing several 30 second PSAs rather than a few 60 second PSAs. A preliminary list of 11 possible PSA topics was brainstormed and each EPPOC member was assigned two topics to start developing catchy script ideas for the next meeting in February.

• Septic tanks (Sharon)
• Wells / drinking water (Sharon)
• Groundwater contamination (Deb)
• Household chemicals/lawn and garden chemicals (Lynn)
• Motor oil change (Lynn)
• Salting (do we have an alternative?) (Jerry)
• Trash going into streams and lake (Jerry)
• Recreational – fishing with non-lead sinkers, well tuned boat engines, cleaning boats well before transporting them to a new waterbody (Jim)
• Introduction of exotic species – zebra mussels and plants (Jim)
• Agricultural practices (Karin)
• Riparian Management / erosion prevention (Karin)

In addition to the PSA topics, a strong connecting theme, which will be used in every PSA, such as “everything drains to the Lake” is needed.

Jerry mentioned a good station with coverage around Cayuga Lake is WEOS 89.7 in Geneva and will contact Mike Black, the station manager. Eagle Broadcasting and WVBR . Karin will find out if there is a radio station in Seneca Falls to get better coverage of the Northern portion of the Watershed. Possible TV outlets would be channels in Syracuse and Binghamton and local Channels 7 and 13.

3. IO Website
• PSA audiences will be directed to the IO Website for further information. Jerry will add a useful resources page containing a list of resources, contact numbers and links of interest.
• A page of positive and fun facts about the Cayuga Lake Watershed will be added to the IO Website.
• Possible change of the IO logo to give a more appealing look to the web page and official IO letters.

4. Additional Educational Possibilities:

• Presentation of the Lake George Association last year was mentioned as a good role model. The idea of using a boat to give educational tours of Cayuga Lake was discussed. MV Manhattan or a boat which conducted trips from the Farmer’s Market last Summer were mentioned as options. Karin will further investigate this option.
• Monthly or bimonthly articles in the Ithaca Journal, based on PSA topics – A change in the IO logo was suggested to make it more appealing both for these articles and to be used in the IO Website.
• IO or EPPOC Newsletter, will it be continued?

Next Meeting: TBA - possible dates: February 19 or 21, 2002

Submitted by Karin Harjes

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