Education, Public Participation and Outreach Committee
Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization
Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2002

Present: Lynn Leopold, Doug McEver, Jerry Codner, Sharon Anderson, Karin Harjes and guest Lora Hine, Education and Outreach Coordinator of Jerry’s Physics Lab at Cornell

Floating Classroom Update:

Sharon reported that at its recent teleconference, the Network's outreach committee received
requests for 3-4 programs related to schools. They decided it was important to discuss what the Network’s role/relationship with schools should be and then discuss the proposals. There will be a special meeting for this purpose which will probably be later this Summer. The Network is also considering some sort of event for educators to highlight the many wonderful resources that exist for classroom (and out of classroom!) use.

Karin mentioned that in the last IO meeting the IO ensured $1,350 for two promotional and three educational pilot trips of the floating classroom planned for this Fall. In general, the IO was very positive about the Floating Classroom idea but a few members were a bit concerned with how the boat and participants would be insured. Doug mentioned that he didn’t recommend us to seek insurance through the Town of Dryden nor through the IO as it is not a 501(c)(3) organization. Insurance would have to come through a third party.

Karin is putting together a list of resources for the floating classroom. Dennis Montgomery told Karin that Partick Sullivan at the Cornell Natural Resources Department has worked on fisheries for more than 10years and was very interested in the Floating Classroom. He will provide Dennis with some funding sources we could use.

Lora Hine suggested we look for funding at Cornell since that is where the money is. She reported that she spoke with Karin Bradley, Education Coordinator at the Lake George Association, about their Floating Classroom. She sent her a an information package called “Our Lake Book” with information on their outreach programs including the Floating Classroom. Their major sources of funding for this project are the Froehlich Foundation and the Department of State. At most she estimates that their cost of running the Floating Classroom is $2,500/year. They don’t own the boat, it is a charter boat with a 25 person capacity. They charge roughly $175/2 hour trip and $400 for two trips. EPPOC borrowed the “Our Lake Book” from Lora to read more about their program and the curricula they offer.

Karin tried to contact Mary-Aurthur Bebee from the Lake George Association to find out when it would be a good time to plan a trip to Lake George to learn more about their Floating Classroom project but has not gotten a date from her yet.

IO Funding for EPPOC:

In the last IO meeting on March 7th, 2002, Karin presented to the IO the following funding request for EPPOC project needs while we wait for responses from the EPA and the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat and Fund grant proposals.

Funding Requested
Slides and transparencies for Town Board Presentations and Speakers Bureau
§ 20 slides/presentation x $0.80/slide x 3 different presentations x 3 sets of each = $144
§ 20 transparencies/presentation x $0.75/transparency x 3 different presentations x 2 sets of each = $90
Recording radio PSAs on tape
§ According to Jeff Mix at Eagle Broadcasting (WVBR) PSA's are inconsistent and up to the whim of the DJ as to when and how often they are played. A commercial ad costs $9.50 per ad with a 12 ad minimum ($114). As a non-profit organization, they would record the ads for free.
§ For 5 different ads @ $114/ad
Fall 2002 Workshops
§ Two Workshops replicating Neighbors Around the Lake & Controlling Erosion Workshops to be held April 2002. ($1,500/workshop x 2)
Ads at Hoyts Cinema and other movie theaters
N/A yet
Floating Classroom Fall Pilot Project*
§ Operating costs for two 1hr. promotional trips @ $225/hr. = $450
§ Three 2hr. pilot education trips on floating classroom @ $300/trip = $900
*Note: Costs were estimated by Dennis Montgomery based on average costs for vessels in NY State which are the same size as his vessel and assuming an occupancy of 20-30 people (including an entrance fee of $15/person). Estimate covers all operating costs including captain, crew, boat and fuel.
Total Funding Requested

The IO accepted the funding request and ensured $5,500 for EPPOC.

Sharon read Lynn’s PSAs for us to review. Lynn will send the text of her PSAs by email for us to review and choose which ones to record. Doug will work on the Recreational and Exotic Species PSAs. The IO website will be mentioned as a source for further information and for the hazardous waste PSAs, local Cooperative Extensions will serve as contacts for more information. People with assigned topics will continue working on their PSAs.

Doug asked if we had considered putting ads on Channel 7. It may be a cheaper option, although coverage is limited (doesn’t cover the whole watershed). He estimates it costs $112/month to place an ad. Lynn volunteered to find out who the advertisement people are at Channel 7.

Hoyts Cinema Ads:
Lynn found out that the ads Solid Waste ran at Hoyts Cinemas costed roughly $3,000/year or $50/ad. The local sales rep for Val Morgan (the ad company) is Kim Duger, 315-476-4775. She has been extremely helpful to Solid Waste in putting their ads together. The company has an 800 #: 1-800-VAL MORGAN.

Water Week Display:
The IO will put up a display on Friday, May 10 from 9am-2pm in the Ithaca Commons and in the Ithaca Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 11. Sharon brought a display copy of the RPP, copies of the IO Newsletter sent out in May of 2001 (which will be used as handouts) and the pieces for the IO Display. We labeled each piece to facilitate set-up. The Network will be using its poster board for its own display so we will need to find another board. Sharon estimates they cost between $200-$500. Karin will try to borrow one from Cooperative Extension or the Center for the Environment. Jerry, Sharon and Lynn will not be able to help set-up and put down the display.

Town Presentations and Speakers Bureau:
We will have printouts of Deb’s presentation and Sharon’s slides to review and choose for reproduction as slides and transparencies to be used both by Speakers Bureau Presenters and IO members at their Town Board presentations.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 16th, 2002 from 5:00pm-6:30pm, location TBA

Submitted by Karin Harjes

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