Minutes Dec. 17, 1999

Present: Jim Skaley, Deb Grantham, Jerry Codner, Sharon Anderson

  1. Update from the IO meeting: Jerry summarized the meeting. At the IO meeting he provided an update on the committees efforts and plans.
  2. Promotional efforts:
  1. Review and finalizing of public meeting agenda:


CARD draft

Water motivated you to come tonight?

What do you hope is accomplished for the Watershed as a result?

Help us get to know who is here tonight. Please check all that apply;

  • elected official
  • home owner
  • lake shore property
  • tenant
  • well
  • septic system
  • business owner
  • lake dependent business
  • agriculture

    other (specify)___________________

    Dave has extra Executive Summaries and will provide 50 for the first meeting and will we print more after that if needed. He is willing to be back up small group facilitator
    Renewal certification credits for pesticide operators and water operators has been authorized.

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