May 26, 1999

Present: Jerry Codner, Deb Grantham, Tee-Ann Hunter, Sharon Anderson

1. Public Participation: continued discussion the importance of reaching beyond agency staff and business people. Deb will ask David Kaye about reaching the Federation of Planning Boards. Sharon will draft a questionnaire to ask IO members for input, especially to indicate the Citizen Advisory Boards, small community newsletters. Web pages and list serves will be used, however these will only reach a small percentage of the targeted audience.

2. Mini-grants: Deb will investigate the likelihood of WQCC’s receiving mini-grant funds for co-hosting and helping with the public participation. She will discuss the idea with Sylvia H.

3. Mailing: discussion of the benefits of doing a watershed-wide mailing. Concerns about its effectiveness and costs. Further information is needed. Tee-Ann will have a cost estimate for our next meeting.

NEXT MEETING DATE: June 1, 5:30 PM at Tee-Ann’s home in Aurora

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