Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Project
Joint Technical Committee/Intermunicipal Organization Meeting
Preliminary Agenda

Montezuma Wildlife Refuge Fur House***
Routes 5 & 20
Seneca Falls, New York
May 17, 1999
10:00 am to 12:00 noon

NOTE: The Meeting Location is the Fur House and NOT the Visitors Center

10:00 Introductions

10:05 Evaluation Criteria for Interim Recommendations for Implementation Review*

10:10 Summary of Interim Recommendations for Implementation Ranking Process**

10:20 Interim Recommendations for Implementation Ranking

12:00 Adjourn

 *Final Criteria for Interim Recommendations (as approved by the IO) is attached

** The IO recommended that there be a joint meeting of the Technical Committee and the IO at the regularly scheduled Technical Committee Meeting to rank the submitted projects using the approved Evaluation Criteria.

***Directions to Montezuma Wildlife Refuge Fur House – The entrance to the Fur House is the same as the entrance to the Visitors Center which is between Routes 89 and 90 on Routes 5 & 20. Follow the road in. The Fur House is a cinder block building on the right near the Refuge Office.

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