Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Project
Technical Committee

Town of Ledyard Building
1105 Poplar Ridge Rd
Aurora, NY 13026
March 16, 1999
10:00 am to 12:00 noon

NEXT MEETING: April 16, 1999 at 10:00 am at Tompkins County CCE

Present: Bill Kappel, USGS, Brian Hall, Cortland County WQCC/SWCD, Tom Vawter, Wells College, Craig Schutt, Tompkins County SWCD, Linda Szeliga, NRCS, Daniel Winch, Tompkins County, Steven Eidt, NYSDEC, Pam O’Malley, CNYRPDB, Sylvia Hurlbut, Town of Ledyard, Linda Wagenet, Cornell Center for the Environment, Cliff Callinan, NYSDEC, Sara Young, Cayuga County Planning, John Roebig, EcoLogic, Liz Moran, EcoLogic, David Zorn, G/FLRPC

Planning for Technical Issues Session with Intermunicipal Organization

David Zorn indicated that as pointed out in the agenda for this meeting the entire agenda of the March 24, 1999 Intermunicipal Organization (IO) Meeting will be dedicated to water quality issues in the Cayuga Lake Watershed where IO members will be asked to identify and discuss what they see as the water quality issues and concerns facing the watershed. Liz Moran pointed out the following:

Other visioning sessions held in relation to the Cayuga Lake Watershed have been reviewed (sent to Technical Committee with this meeting agenda)

Focus on water quality issues such as impairments, geographical and water quality parameters (e.g. sources and tribs)

There is more knowledge about the lake than the tribs

Focus on relationships to uses and how impaired

The following preliminary agenda was discussed:

    1. Project status report (the process)
    2. Vision of best uses (priority water quality problems by category)
    3. Symptoms/sources
      Measurable attributes of impairments
      Categories (based on best use)

      Lake level
      Water quality
      Open space
      Stream erosion
      Farmland loss
      Control of point sources

    4. Specific comments
    5. Impairments to use
      List causes of use

Other considerations discussed

Data vs. Information
Data vs. Perception
Size of group
Break out groups – how to break out (by the major subwatersheds based on PWL)
Size of room
Use post-its so that individuals can put comments and issues up on board
Discuss ground rules and process as people walk in

Action items

Send out another reminder letter with meeting expectations (CNYRPDB)
Make 5 maps for meeting (G/FLRPC)

Where you are in the watershed map (give individuals stickers to indicate where they are from in the watershed)

4 major subwatershed maps (based on PWL break-ups)

Interim List of Implementation Project Recommendations

It was pointed out that the NYSDOS contract calls for interim recommendations for implementation. David Zorn pointed out that the Technical Committee had been copied on a letter to County WQCCs asking for watershed-wide recommendations for implementation. It was agreed to spend the next Technical Committee Meeting reviewing all recommendations that have been received, adding additional recommendations and preparing a list of interim recommendations for the next Intermunicipal Organization. It was also agreed to foster all input on recommendations for implementation as opposed to just Bond Act related items.

Next Meeting – April 16, 1999 at 10:00 at Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension

Meeting hand out enclosures (if not at meeting)

Data Development/Acquisition List
Technical Data, Information and Documentation List

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