Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan
Technical Committee
Meeting Minutes

August 19, 1999
10 am to 12 noon

Ithaca Youth Bureau
Activity Room
Ithaca, New York

Present: Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting, Marshall Ballard, Toxics Targeting, Mark Johnson, Ag Engineering, Cornell University, Jim Malyj, Seneca SWCD, Cliff Callinan, NYSDEC, John Roebig, EcoLogic, Liz Moran, EcoLogic, Daniel Winch, Tompkins County WRC, George Kennedy, IO Alternate, Town of Ulysses, Tom Vawter, Well College, Jose Lozano, City of Ithaca, Brian Hall, Cortland County SWCD, Linda Wagenet, Cornell Center for the Environment

1. Presentation on Toxics Targeting project: Southern Cayuga Lake Preliminary Watershed Characterization: A Differential GPS-GIS Project - The Southern Cayuga Lake Watershed Project was created from concern for the water quality in that drainage basin. The primary short-term goal was to identify known or potential sources of pollution within the watershed in order to alleviate and eliminate them. The primary long-term goal was to sustain a healthy Cayuga Lake for the future.

Marshall Ballard and Walter Hang discussed how pollution sources were located with a differential Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizing base station data, spatially correcting any data necessary, providing quality assurance and integrating all of the field observations into a Geographic Information System (GIS). Also discussed was ways Toxics Targeting might assist with the watershed management project. The web site for the project is

2. City of Ithaca Environmental Laboratories, IAWWTF, and IWP Watershed Project Update – Jose Lozano updated the Committee on a proposal originally submitted as part of the interim recommendation process. He stated the project now has two distinct components: Six Mile Creek Watershed Riparian Buffer Restoration Program and Defining a Source Water Assessment Program and the Hydrological, Ecological and Environmental Conditions of Watersheds Undergoing Socio-Economic Changes Affecting Land and Water Use. For more information and a copy of the program proposals if not at meeting contact Jose Lozano, City of Ithaca, 525 Third Street, Ithaca, NY 14850, 607-753-0857.

3. Proposed Intermunicipal Organization Bus Tour – David Zorn handed out the preliminary itinerary for the IO bus tour that is being coordinated by Sylvia Hurlbutt, Town of Ledyard (copy enclosed if not at meeting). Potential goals and objectives of the bus tour are an overview of the dynamics and issues of the watershed, how the watershed management planning process fits into the dynamics and issues, and illustrative examples of point and nonpoint source issues and implementation. General comments of the committee included that there seem to be too many stops, and reduce the number of stops and do more on the bus. (UPDATE: a tentative date of Saturday, October 16, 1999 has been chosen for the IO bus tour.)

4. Watershed Characterization Review – The Committee discussed the issue of disseminating sections for review to the Technical Committee. It was decided to post draft sections to the web site after a 45-day review period. Prior to that information would be disseminated in one of the following ways: by email in html format, on an unlinked web site, by US Mail, or at Technical Committee meetings. David Zorn went through the following sections that had been sent out for review: Formation of Soils, General Soils Associations, Climate, Fisheries, Vegetation, Wildlife, Population/Housing/Economic Profile, Road Deicing Storage, Glossary of Terms, and Glossary of Acronyms. David Zorn went through the following maps that had been sent out for review: Watershed and Subwatershed, Surficial Geology, Bedrock Geology, Regulatory Freshwater Wetlands, Primary Aquifers, Hydrography, Land Use, Population by Municipality. David Zorn handed out the Programmatic Environment Chapter for review (enclosed if not at meeting). Liz Moran and John Roebig handed out the following limnology sections for review: Physical Characteristics of Cayuga Lake, Chemical Characteristics of Cayuga Lake, Fish Community. The Committee agreed to send review comments to Dave Zorn.

5. Next Meeting – September 23, 1999, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at Wells College.

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