Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan
Intermunicipal Organization Meeting
December 2, 1998
Refreshments: 6:30 P.M.
Meeting Time: 7:00-8:30 P.M.
Town Of Ledyard Hall
1105 Poplar Ridge Road, Aurora, Ny 13026



Welcome, Meeting Purpose and Outcome. Determine the structure of the Intermunicipal Organization (IO) and the language of an intermunicipal agreement regarding cooperation in development of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan.
Introductions. Around the table introductions of who you are, who you represent and what your interest is in the watershed
7:10-7:50 IO Structure and Intermunicipal Agreement. Using examples of cooperative agreements developed in other watersheds for watershed management planning and implementation, identify the IO structure and the wording of an intermunicipal agreement for cooperation including:
  • eligible membership (voting and non-voting)
  • context/spirit/intent of municipal cooperation for plan development and implementation
  • executive committee
  • bringing in non-municipal interests – advisory committees and membership
  • role of the IO for the NYS Department of State (DOS) grant
  • context of the IO in the bigger watershed planning picture (non-DOS, non-Ledyard grants – discuss program development activities outside of the Ledyard grant)
  • meeting frequency, schedules and locations
  • IO chair.

Securing Full Representation of Watershed Municipalities. There are 43 municipalities in the Cayuga Lake Watershed. What steps can we take to get representation from as many of the watershed municipalities as possible?

Municipal Identification of Water Quality Issues in the Watershed. Those municipalities present will compile a list of water quality issues of concern to municipalities in the watershed. Municipal representatives should come prepared to discuss their municipalities’ water quality concerns.
Set date and agenda for the next and future IO meetings. Enhancing IO municipal membership; finalizing and executing the agreement; regular status reports from staff; other ideas.


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