Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan
Intermunicipal Organization Meeting
APRIL 28, 1999

Refreshments: 6:30 P.M.
Meeting Time: 7:00-9:00 P.M.

Place: Ledyard Town Hall*
1105 Poplar Ridge Road
Aurora, New York


7:00-7:10     Welcome and Meeting Purpose. Get input from IO members on draft interim list of implementation recommendations; discuss summary of last IO meeting and identify next steps for use of information compiled; discuss Committees; be updated on the project’s task and financial status.

                Introductions. Around the table introductions of who you are and represent.

                                Approval of Minutes.

7:10-7:30    Summary of 3/24/99 Visions and Water Quality Issues Session. A summary has been prepared of the input collected at the last IO meeting. The IO will have an opportunity to comment on and discuss the summary, as well as any next steps you would like to see as follow-up.

7:30-8:20   1st-Year Interim List of Watershed Recommendations. The NYS Department of State has required that interim lists of implementation recommendations for watershed protection be developed. The first-year interim list is being prepared through communication with the county water quality coordinating committees, the Technical Committee and the IO. The intention is to identify interim projects that would benefit water quality efforts in the watershed for which funds could be applied in upcoming funding cycles – rather than waiting until the end of the project to present a set of final recommendations and missing interim funding opportunities. The IO will be asked for input on the draft list and be asked for ideas for additional projects that should be on included.

8:20-8:40   IO Committee Status, Reports and Related Discussion. The Technical and Membership Committees have formed and the Education/Outreach/Public Participation Committee is forming. Each will report on its status. Opportunity will be provided for discussion about these Committees and those yet to form.

8:40-8:50   Project and Financial Status. Report from project staff.

8:50-9:00  Set Date and Agenda for the Next and Future IO Meetings.

*Directions to Ledyard Town Hall:

From Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls area – Follow Routes 5 & 20 east towards Auburn. Go past Montezuma Refuge and turn right on Route 90 towards Aurora. Go through Aurora. At south end of Aurora, turn left onto Poplar Ridge Road (by baseball field) and go about 2 miles. Town of Ledyard building is a new grey barn on left side of road. Meeting room is in the front of the building.

From Ithaca area – Go east on Route 13 from Ithaca. At foot of lake, exit to NY State Route 34 north until it intersects with 34B north; turn left onto Route 34B until you pass through the hamlet of King Ferry. Go about 3 miles to Southern Cayuga High School. Just past the school is Poplar Ridge Road. Turn left towards the lake. Stay on Poplar Ridge Road for about 2 miles. The Town of Ledyard building is a new grey barn on right side of road. Meeting room is in the front of the building.

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