Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan
Intermunicipal Organization Meeting

JUNE 30, 1999

Refreshments: 6:30 P.M.
Meeting Time: 7:00-9:00 P.M.
Place: Seneca Falls Town Hall*
10 Fall Street
Seneca Falls, New York


7:00-7:05 Welcome and Meeting Purpose.
                       Approval of Minutes.

7:05-7:20 Lingering Issues Related to 1st-Year Interim Recommendations. D. Zorn’s Source Water Assessment proposal; averaging versus totaling of individual ranks to get group rankings; protocol for project endorsement by IO outside the interim list timeframe.

7:20-8:25 Land Use, Water Quality and Land Use Tools to Protect Water Quality. The NYS Department of State will present information and lead a group discussion about the relationship of land use to water quality. A good understanding of land use planning, its implications, advantages and limitations will be critical to the IO as it develops and implements the watershed plan. To be effective, watershed management plans inevitably include recommendations that are structural (e.g., streambank stabilization), non-structural (e.g., education, monitoring), and regulatory (e.g., land use controls). The composition of Cayuga Lake Watershed recommendations will be determined by the IO. The DOS will present information about land use tools (e.g., comprehensive plans, zoning, site plan review, SEQR) available to municipalities to protect their water quality. This session will provide the IO with a foundation for developing water quality protection recommendations.

8:25-8:45 Proposals for 3rd Year Funding for the Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan Project. Proposals for continued funding of the Watershed Management Plan are due to NYS DOS on 8/19/99. Activities to be applied for include 3rd-year tasks referenced in the 1st and 2nd-year DOS contracts with Ledyard (i.e., IO support, draft plan completion and plan finalization, public participation, education, project administration). Plus, upon DOS suggestion, the 3rd-year application will include activities to strengthen the planning program, such as: 1) geographic information systems (GIS) work (i.e., land use and soils); 2) tributary prioritization and design of remedial measures to address nonpoint source pollution problems in high priority tributaries to aid in development of the 2nd-year interim recommendations list; and 3) enhanced education, outreach and public participation opportunities (e.g., watershed resident survey). The IO will discuss and provide input to the developing proposal.

8:45-8:55 Project Status and Committee Reports. Reports from staff on project status, Education/ Outreach/Public Participation Committee progress on the upcoming public participation meetings, and Technical Committee progress on the Watershed Characterization.

8:55-9:00 Set Date and Agenda for the Next IO Meeting.

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