Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan

Intermunicipal Organization Meeting
OCTOBER 27, 1999

Refreshments: 6:30 P.M. -- Meeting Time: 7:00-9:00 P.M.
Cornell Cooperative Extension Of Tompkins County
615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca, New York


7:00-7:05 Welcome, Introductions, Approval of Minutes.

7:05-7:15 Change in "Schedule of Activities for Remainder of 1999". It is necessary to modify the "Schedule of Activities for Remainder of 1999" as the Draft Preliminary Watershed Characterization will take longer than anticipated. Changes to the overall schedule and proposed IO meeting changes will be discussed.

7:15-7:25 IO Bus Tour of the Watershed. An idea has surfaced to have the IO sponsor for itself a bus tour of the watershed. The purpose would be to better acquaint IO members with issues, areas, and resources around the watershed as well as with each other. Timing for it could be September 1999 – possibly even in place of the September IO meeting. What are the IO’s thoughts and interests?

7:25-7:45 3rd-Year NYS DOS Application. Continuing from the last IO meeting, the IO will discuss and provide input to the 3rd-year application being submitted to NYS DOS for continuation of the Watershed Management Planning program. The proposal is due to DOS on 8/19/99. Activities will include 3rd-year tasks referenced in the 1st and 2nd-year DOS contracts with Ledyard (i.e., IO support, draft plan completion and plan finalization, public participation, education, project administration) as well as activities to strengthen the planning program, such as: 1) geographic information systems (GIS) work (i.e., land use and soils); 2) tributary prioritization and design of remedial measures to address nonpoint source pollution problems in high priority tributaries to aid in development of the 2nd-year interim recommendations list; and 3) enhanced education, outreach and public participation opportunities.

7:45-8:00 2nd-Year NYS DOS Local Match Requirements. DOS grants require a 50% match. The program’s first year was matched through a combination of: 1) contributions from staff agencies; 2) an Empire State Development Corp. grant; and 3) volunteer (time) contributions from the IO, Committee members, and others in the watershed. While DOS has committed $50,000 to the 2nd year of the program, an equal amount of match is needed to leverage the funding. Staffing agencies will again contribute to the match, but $25,000 cash is still needed to enable performance of contracted work and to leverage the full DOS grant. Attempts to secure this funding through member items have not been successful. A number of funding sources believe the IO should be responsible for meeting remaining cash match needs. The IO will discuss this critical need.

8:00-8:15 Municipal Response to Project Inventories. The watershed management planning project includes inventorying municipalities about land use controls and regulations they currently have in place, as well as potential sources of contamination within their areas. The IO will be brought up-to-speed on the information that has been requested from municipalities and the responses received. Staff will look to the IO for suggestions on obtaining responses from municipalities who have not responded.

8:15-8:25 Reducing Project Copying and Mailing Costs. This has become an expensive component of the project. Mailings are sent out 1-2x/month to the IO and stakeholders and total approximately 180 pieces. How can we reduce these costs?

8:25-8:35 Membership. How can the IO increase its membership above 28 municipalities?

8:35-8:50 Project Status/Committee Reports. Reports from staff on project status and Education/ Outreach/Public Participation Committee and Technical Committee activities. The IO also wanted to form Agriculture and Finance Committees. How will this be orchestrated? What will these Committees’ roles be? Who is interested?

8:50-9:00 Set Agenda for the Next IO Meeting.

Directions to Ledyard Town Hall:

From Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls area – Follow Routes 5 & 20 east towards Auburn. Go past Montezuma Refuge and turn right on Route 90 towards Aurora. Go through Aurora. At south end of Aurora, turn left onto Poplar Ridge Road (by baseball field) and go about 2 miles. Town of Ledyard building is a new grey barn on left side of road. Meeting room is in the front of the building.

From Ithaca area – Go east on Route 13 from Ithaca. At foot of lake, exit to NY State Route 34 north until it intersects with 34B north; turn left onto Route 34B until you pass through the hamlet of King Ferry. Go about 3 miles to Southern Cayuga High School. Just past the school is Poplar Ridge Road. Turn left towards the lake. Stay on Poplar Ridge Road for about 2 miles. The Town of Ledyard building is a new grey barn on right side of road. Meeting room is in the front of the building.

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