Thirteenth Meeting
MARCH 22, 2000 AT 7:00 P.M.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

VOTING MEMBERS: Dave Morehouse, Chuck Howell, John Sipos,
Barbara Stewart, Jeffrey Warrick, Dooley Kiefer,
Deborah Grantham, Jerry Codner, Robert Smith,
Carolyn Grigorov

OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Malyj, Seneca County Soil & Water Cons. Dist.
Kat Lieberknecht, Finger Lakes Land Trust

MINUTES: On motion by Deb Grantham, seconded by Chuck Howell, the minutes of February 23, 2000 were approved with the following corrections:
- Regarding Watershed Steward, clarify that it will be a contractual position
- Add John Sipos' name to the Bylaws Committee


MUNICIPAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Sylvia Hurlbut reported that the municipal contributions were coming in.

COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT: Mrs. Hurlbut reported that she had requested matching funds from the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network at their March 9, 2000 meeting, stating that she had spoken with Liz Thorndike on 3/21/2000 and was assured of a match. Deb Grantham stressed the need to closely follow a match from the Network and Kevin Millington offered Central New York Regional Planning's help in so doing.

LAKE STEWARD SEARCH COMMITTEE: Dave Morehouse reported on the Lake Steward search stating that applications were being accepted through March 31, 2000 with plans to fill the position be June 1, 2000.

BYLAWS: Dave Morehouse reported on the committee's one meeting and 4 phone conferences.

The committee asked for input on the following:
- Quorum: Presently it is 9, is this acceptable or does a formula need to be created? The Board agreed to leave the quorum set at 9.
- Should "member in good standing" be linked to cash contribution? It was decided that it should not.
- Asked for a clarification of the non-voting member's role in the organization. It was the general consensus of the Board that non-voting members could serve on committees.
- There was discussion of involving private concerns, i.e. Rotary or Boy Scouts, in the organization. It was agreed that the IO should encourage the participation of such organizations, but that voting membership should be reserved for municipal representatives.
- Structure and jurisdiction of full IO, Board of Directors, and Committees was discussed. The Bylaws Committee will bring their thoughts to the April IO meeting.

AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE: Syliva Hurlbut and Jim Malyj briefly reported on the Ag Committee's progress on their March 22nd meeting. They reported that eight farmers ("producers") attended the meeting, with eleven having signed up to participate.

The Board discussed the Ag Committee's charge to review relevant portions of the Watershed Characterization Report and prepare their own recommendations for the Management Plan.

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: The Board reviewed the proposed "Measurable Results" criteria for evaluating project proposals. Jerry Codner agreed to prepare a matrix for more efficiently/accurately weighting the proposals. It was agreed that: numbers 6 and 10 should be consolidated, 9 and 11 should be separated from the rest of the list and set apart in their own category.

LAKE SOURCE COOLING: The Board discussed Dan Winch's memo regarding Lake Source Cooling Monitoring stating that he felt the IO was represented in this effort. Those present did not agree. IO representation in the Lake Source Cooling Data Sharing opportunities was discussed with Dooley Kiefer stating that she was already involved in this and would represent the IO. Dave Morehouse agreed that the IO should be represented.

EDUCATION: Jerry Codner announced public participation meetings scheduled for November and March. He also announced creation of an IO website for review at The IO agreed upon as the domain name.

FINANCIAL COMMITTEE: Sylvia Hurlbut stated that Katrina Greeley would be visiting Cargill and Agway to request matching funds for the third year. Ms. Hurlbut further reported that: she had met with Assemblymen Oaks and Finch, was scheduled to meet with a representative from Senator Nozzolio's office, had met with ASE Cayuga, and had a meeting scheduled with Wells College, Jose Lozano had offered $15,000.00 in-kind match.

Dooley Kiefer suggested the Wine Trail Association be contacted.

Sylvia Hurlbut asked for letters of support from each municipality for the NYS DOS Quality Communities Grant application.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held April 26, 2000. Location to be determined.

PROJECT PROPOSALS: Sylvia Hurlbut reminded those present of the following project proposal calendar: 1) April 10-12 the Tech Team will review the draft proposals, 2) April 13 finalization of RFPs, 3) April 14 distribute RFPs by mail or website, 4) May 12 final proposals are due, 5) Tech Team reviews and ranks proposals throughout May, 6) June 10 Tech Team ranking sent to IO for review, 7) June 26 final IO vote.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tee-Ann Hunter

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