4/25/01, 7:00 – 8:10 P.M.
Interlaken Baptist Church
Interlaken, New Yor k


Chuck Howell (Town of Scipio)-R*
Larry Fabbroni (City of Ithaca) – R*
Jerry Codner (Town of Lansing) – AR*
Barbara Stewart (Village of Interlaken)-R*
Liz Moran (Ecologic)
Eli Shockey (Village of Union Springs)-R*
Kathy Bertuch, CNY RPDB
Jackie Cassaniti (Town of Caroline) – R*
Dave Morehouse (Town of Ledyard)-R*
John Sipos (Towns of Covert and Varick)-R*
Dave Zorn (GFLRPC)
Sylvia Hurlbut (Town of Ledyard) – AR*
Sharon Anderson (Tompkins County)-R*
Jose Lozano, City of Ithaca
Deb Grantham (Town of Dryden) – R*
Carolyn Grigorov (Town of Ithaca)- R*
Dooley Kiefer (Village of Cayuga Heights) – AR*
R=designated representative for municipality
RA=designated alternate representative for municipality
*Municipality has signed and submitted the “Call for Cooperation” (intermunicipal agreement)

1. Welcome, Introductions, Approval of Minutes: Meeting began at 7:00 P.M. S. Hurlbut welcomed everyone. Introductions were made. Acceptance of minutes from 3/28/01 meeting moved by D. Morehouse. J. Sipos seconded. No discussion. All in favor. Motion carried.

2. Draft Restoration and Protection Plan: D. Zorn presented copies of the draft Restoration and Protection Plan (RPP). He acknowledged that the draft is the result of hard work conducted by a great many individuals. The report will be presented to Cayuga County officials in June. Plans to make similar presentations to all watershed municipalities are underway.

A subcommittee of Technical Committee members and members of the Agriculture Committee met to define targets and measures for the recommendations contained in the Agricultural Practices section of the draft RPP. Similar targets and measures will be developed for all sections of the draft RPP and will be incorporated into the final RPP.

Public Participation meetings will be held during May to obtain comment on the draft. The comment period on the draft RPP will end on June 15, 2001.

3. Newsletter: S. Anderson reported that 22,000 copies of a one-time IO newsletter will be mailed to residents in the watershed. Costs for producing and distributing the newsletter will be covered by member item funds provided by Assemblyman Finch.

The next set of Public Participation meetings will be held between May 17 and May 31 in four locations around the watershed. L.Moran and D.Zorn will present an overview and highlights from the draft RPP. Public input will be solicited though a series of interactive/audience participation activities.

4. Committee Membership: Seven volunteers were requested to staff the IO Executive Committee. Five IO Representatives volunteered. S. Hurlbut will contact other possible volunteers.

Sign up sheets were passed to fill remaining seats on IO Committees outlined in the bylaws.

5. Watershed Rules and Regulations: S. Hurlbut learned that septage from Cortland, Tompkins and Seneca Counties is being spread on five-sites in the Cayuga Lake watershed. A sixth site is currently being proposed. She learned that each of the counties in question have regulations prohibiting the spreading of septage within their boundaries. Cayuga County does not. DEC must issue a permit to spread if there are no regulations that prohibit spreading. She suggested the adoption of watershed rules and regulations to end this practice. She asked members to review the sample rules and regulations posted on the website and come prepared to discuss at the May IO meeting. If the IO moves to endorse the adoption of watershed rules and regulations, Assemblyman Finch has agreed to take the matter to Senator Nozzolio. Together they will introduce the proposed rules and regulations to the NYS House and Senate for approval. If passed by the state, the rules and regulations would become part of NYS ECL17.

D. Kiefer suggested that county governments can also approve watershed rules and regulations. S. Hurlbut replied that it would be more cumbersome to go that route since there are six counties involved and each County Department of Health would need to get involved. Can be a very long process.

6. New Business: S. Hurlbut reported that Cayuga County has declined to make the requested $900.00 IO contribution. In a letter sent by Dave Miller, Executive Director of the Cayuga County Planning Department, the County stated that the $900. contribution made to the IO last year was a one-time contribution made to help the IO reach its required local match required under the 2nd-year DOS contract. The letter also stated that the County is willing to contribute manpower and data to the project when requested.

J. Sipos stated there is no incentive for the County to join the IO. When state and federal grant monies become limited because the IO does not endorse project proposals, there will be an incentive to participate. He suggested that DOS should draft a letter that clearly states the financial consequences of not belonging to the IO. S. Hurlbut agreed and stated that because the RPP will be released this year, the best opportunity to obtain funding from DOS for projects that support the goals of the RPP may be highest this year.

It was suggested that a personal invitation be extended to individual members of the county legislatures to attend one of the public participation forums, and that the IO get on the agenda of each county legislative meetings. S. Hurlbut will contact R. Stanbrook to get on the next agenda of the Cayuga County Legislature.

7. Committee Reports: The Agriculture Committee finished reviewing and commenting on their part of the plan. They completed a significant amount of work and contributed positively to the draft. All counties, except Schuyler, are represented on the Committee. The big producers are all represented.

Grant and Finance Committee: This committee works as a joint committee of the Io and Network. They propose that the priorities identified in the draft RPP be reflected as priorities in endorsing grant proposals. A list of priorities has been established to rank grant proposals. Sediment is identified as a major concern in the draft RPP so proposed projects dealing with sedimentation will receive the IO’s endorsement. The Committee also established four priority areas based on the results of the roadbank/streambank inventory. Each major site will have a focus area that will be marked with a visible sign (“Your Funding Dollars at Work”).

S. Hurlbut stated that any municipality planning to apply for Bond Act funds should make an early, written request for IO endorsement as soon as possible. The IO’s goal is to complete all endorsement requests ahead of schedule this year. The Grant and Finance Committee will meet on June 4 at 4:00 at the Ledyard Town Hall.

8. Set Agenda Items and Date For Next Meeting: The next meeting of the IO will be held on May 23rd at the Ledyard Town Hall. The Targets and Measures Meeting for the Regulatory Management section of the draft RPP will be held at 4:00 that day at the same location.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

Summary of Votes


Accept Minutes of 3/28/00.

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