5/23/01, 7:00 – 8:30 P.M.
Interlaken Baptist Church
Interlaken, New York


Chuck Howell (Town of Scipio)-R*
Sharon Anderson (Tompkins County)-R*
Dooley Kiefer (Village of Cayuga Heights) – AR*
Deb Grantham (Town of Dryden) – R*
Steve Adams (Village of Freeville) – R*
Lyn Leopold (Village of Lansing) – R*
George Kennedy (Town of Ulysses) – R*
Kathy Bertuch, CNY RPDB
Jim Malyj, Seneca County SWCD
Sylvia Hurlbut (Town of Ledyard) – AR*
Michele Wunderlich, Cayuga County Planning

R=designated representative for municipality
RA=designated alternate representative for municipality
*Municipality has signed and submitted the “Call for Cooperation” (intermunicipal agreement)

1. Welcome, Introductions, Approval of Minutes: Meeting began at 7:10 P.M. S. Hurlbut welcomed everyone. Introductions were made. Acceptance of minutes from 4/25/01 meeting accepted.

2. Amendment to Bylaws: Two changes were proposed to the current IO bylaws: 1) Administrative/Personnel Committee – change membership to 3 members from 5; 2). Agriculture Committee - Changes made in response to comments submitted by the current Agriculture Committee. As requested, the Agriculture Committee would have power to “review and approve” actions. The proposed amendment gives the Agriculture Committee the power to “review and recommend”. All Agriculture Committee concerns are addressed in proposed bylaw amendments. No vote taken due to lack of quorum. Proposed amendments will be mailed to IO members who will be asked to vote at the June meeting or by mail if unable to attend.

3. IO Committee Staffing: Current IO Committee needs were read. The job of the Nominating Committee will be to get non-member municipalities to join the IO and to prepare a slate of officers for January. The updated committee list will be sent to IO members by mail.

4. Cayuga Lake Consultant Update: The IO Consultant Review Committee recommends Sue Senecah for the position of Cayuga Lake Organization Facilitator/Consultant. The CNY Regional Planning Board (CNY RPDB) will administer the contract for services. The cost for administrative activities is expected to be $2,5000. A request was made that the IO provide funding for these costs. It was noted that the IO has already approved a $5,000 reserve fund to help pay administrative costs to the CNY RPDB resulting from the expanded timeframe of the 3rd-year DOS contract. Those funds are not needed. If the IO agrees to pay the $2,500 administrative costs for the consultant, the IO will still be $2,500 ahead. It was also noted that the CNY RPDB will return $4,000 from its original DOS budget to the project to help with the printing cost of the final RPP.

5. Financial Update: Project financial summaries were distributed. No comments. Comments can be sent to K. Bertuch.

S. Anderson will investigate a Tompkins County Dept. of Health grant. The premise for submitting the application would be that the management plan will protect drinking water. If awarded, the grant would be used to help pay printing costs of final RPP.

6. Call for Cooperation Update: D. Kiefer noted that the original municipal agreement contained the wording “Cayuga Lake Management Plan.” These words should be used rather than Cayuga Lake Restoration and Protection Plan.

Comments on the Implementation Call for Cooperation were made. A letter will be sent to watershed municipalities asking them to comment on the revised Implementation CFC rather than sign the original as previously requested. The final Management Plan/RPP will contain the list of original/current IO members.

7. Request for Endorsement: A grant endorsement request submitted by Daniel Dostie was discussed. It was determined that additional information is needed before an endorsement can be made.

A second grant endorsement request by Susan E. Wade was discussed. A letter confirming the importance of the proposed study to the Cayuga Lake Watershed IO will be sent. The letter will endorse the project and request a copy of the report. The IO will also extend an offer to S. Wade that she may use the IO website and meetings as mechanisms to disseminate the findings of the study.

8. Committee Reports: Education/Outreach/Public Participation : Two of four public participation meetings have been held. Turnout has been lower than past meetings. There are reports newsletters announcing the meetings were not received. Investigations as to what happened are underway. The meeting format was a success.
Technical Committee : Targets and Measures were defined for the Regulatory Section of the RPP. Questions arose regarding what alternative uses to agricultural land would be appropriate for inclusion. J. Malyj will forward question to C. Schutt.
Grant and Finance Committee: D. Grantham is writing a DOS grant draft so that the grant will be ready when the RFP is released in August. A draft will be distributed to IO members for review. The draft will also go to the Agriculture Committee for review and input.

9. New Business: A $113.00 bill for printing IO letterhead was presented for payment approval. No vote was taken due to the lack of a quorum. A vote will be taken at the June meeting.

10. Set Agenda Items and Date For Next Meeting: The next meeting of the IO will be held on June 27, in Ithaca. The exact location will be announced. The June business meeting will be held from 6:30 – 7:00 P.M. Watershed County Water Quality Coordinating Committees (or equivalent) will present county Water Quality Strategy reports from 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

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