July 25, 2001, 5:00 – 8:30 P.M.
Ledyard Town Hall
Aurora, New York


Chuck Howell (Town of Scipio)-R*
Sharon Anderson (Tompkins County)-R*
Edward Ide (Town of Aurelius)- R*
Deb Grantham (Town of Dryden) – R*
Robert Fitzgerald (Village of Aurora)–R*
Lyn Leopold (Village of Lansing) – R*
George Kennedy (Town of Ulysses)–R*
Kathy Bertuch, CNY RPDB
Dave Morehouse (Town of Aurora)-R*
Sylvia Hurlbut (Town of Ledyard) – AR*
Eli Shockey (Village of Union Springs)-R*
Barbara Stewart (Village of Interlaken)-AR*
Jackie Cassaniti (Town of Caroline)-R*
Kate Hackett, Tompkins County Planning
Dave Allee (Village of Cayuga Heights)-R*
Jerry Codner (Town of Lansing)-AR*
Jose Roberto Lopez, Cornell University
Susan Senecah, Cayuga Lake consultant
Craig Schutt, Tompkins Cty. SWCD
Jim Skaley, CLWN
Terry Flynn, Strategic Communication Mgmt.
Joe Davdey, SUNY ESF
Dylan Wolfe, SUNY ESF
Len Dworsky, Cornell University
Mona B., Cornell University
Jose Lozano, City of Ithaca
Kristen , CLWN Intern

R=designated representative for municipality
RA=designated alternate representative for municipality
*Municipality has signed and submitted the “Call for Cooperation” (intermunicipal agreement)

1. Welcome, Introductions, Approval of Minutes: Meeting began at 5:05 P.M. S. Hurlbut welcomed everyone. The IO was asked to approve a $113.00 web site related expense and to agree to front money for printing the final Restoration and Protection Plan (RPP) if planned contributions from the Cayuga Lake National Bank, Seneca County SWCD and the Tompkins County Department of Health are not received by the printing bill due date. No objections. It was noted that the current IO bank balance is sufficiently large to accommodate this request and still retain additional funds should any unforeseen expenses arise and that the IO will be immediately reimbursed upon receipt of the contributions should this action be necessary.

2. Cayuga Lake Watershed Strategic Long Term Planning Session #1: Susan Senecah distributed the agenda for the rest of the meeting. Following introductions of her associates, Terry Flynn, Joe Dadey and Dylan Wolfe, Senecah stated that her role as consultant will be to help the IO work through an organizational structure. The end product of her work will be a report containing her recommendations for an organizational structure that can support implementation of the RPP.

The second strategic planning session will be held on September 11 from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M. Location will be announced. A smaller meeting will be held prior to the Sept. meeting. Volunteers will examine organizational structure models and discuss some of the legalities associated with an implementing organization, i.e., bylaws, and funding structure. The Draft recommendation report will be released during the third meeting, date to be announced.

S. Senecah will provide details about the strategic planning session portion of the meeting in summary form.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

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