September 26, 2001, 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
Seneca Falls Town Hall
Seneca Falls, New York


Chuck Howell (Town of Scipio)-R*
Sharon Anderson (Tompkins County)-R*
Daniel Winch (Tompkins County) – R*
Deb Grantham (Town of Dryden) – R*
Carolyn Grigorov (Town of Ithaca) - R*
Larry Fabbroni, (City of Ithaca) – R*
Katrina Greeley ((Town of Lansing) – R*
Kathy Bertuch, CNY RPDB
Dave Morehouse (Town of Aurora)-R*
Sylvia Hurlbut (Town of Ledyard) – AR*
Eli Shockey (Village of Union Springs)-R*
Barbara Stewart (Village of Interlaken)-AR*
Jackie Cassaniti (Town of Caroline)-R*
Mike Berkal, Seneca Cty.
Dave Allee (Village of Cayuga Heights)-R*
Jerry Codner (Town of Lansing)-AR*
Karin Harjes, Tompkins Cty. CCE
Susan Senecah, Cayuga Lake consultant
R=designated representative for municipality
RA=designated alternate representative for municipality
*Municipality has signed and submitted the “Call for Cooperation” (intermunicipal agreement)

1. Welcome and Introductions: Meeting began at 7:00 P.M. S. Hurlbut welcomed everyone.

2. Passing of the Chair: The Executive Committee met prior to the IO meeting. D. Morehouse moved to approve the nomination of Deb Grantham, Town of Dryden as the new IO Chair and Chuck Howell, Town of Scipio, as the new IO vice-chair. Seconded by C. Grigorov. No discussion. All in favor. S. Hurlbut then turned the meeting over to D. Grantham.

S. Hurlbut moved to accept the meeting minutes of 25 July without any changes. Motion seconded by K. Greeley. All in favor.

3. Implementation Call For Cooperation: A draft version of an implementation call for cooperation/municipal agreement was sent out for comment earlier this year. Some municipalities signed and returned the draft. The Town attorney’s for Dryden and Ledyard have reviewed the draft and found it to be unobjectionable. C. Grigorov moved that the draft CFC be adopted as the final CFC. E. Shockey seconded. No discussion. All in favor. D. Grantham requested that IO reps. bring the CFC to their municipal boards for adoption.

4. EFP Application Update: D. Grantham reported that an application to the DOS Waterfront Revitalization program has been submitted for implementing the RPP. The application was developed in consultation with Kevin Millington, DOS, and was reviewed by the joint IO/Network Committee. The grant is focused on erosion control. A total of $308,640 (cash and match) will be used to fund 2 roadbank and 2 streambank stabilization projects in high priority areas as defined in the RPP, and to purchase a hydro-seeder and street vacuum sweeper. Education programs run in conjunction with the use of the purchased equipment will be used as match. D. Grantham will provide copies of the grant application during the October IO meeting.

B. Stewart suggested that the IO piggyback on planned/existing educational efforts such as the G/FLRPC stormwater workshop. Uestions about insurance and maintenance costs were raised. A low fee for use was suggested. E. Shockey suggested the maintenance costs be recovered from IO member dues. D. Winch suggested that the IO consult with Cayuga and Schuyler counties to determine life expectancy of equipment and method for developing low user fees. M. Berkal named Jim Hotaling, Cayuga Cty. SWCD as a good contact for information.

5. IO Representation: Many groups, agencies and organizations request speakers to represent the IO at various meetings and presentations. The following “speaker policy” was approved:
a). EPPOC will develop a speaker list, with areas of expertise and geographic representation next to each name.
b). EPPOC will develop a short PowerPoint about the IO that provides a-some standard information about membership, mission, the Characterization and RPP, current funding and activities, Website, and how to get involved .
c). Similar information will be put in written format. (It was suggested that a flyer might be a good investment but that a funding source is needed.)
d). Speaker opportunities will be passed through the EPPOC or Executive Committee if the timing allows.
e). Each speaker will provide a short report to the IO. The report shall include the speaker’s name, to whom the presentation was made, date and location of the presentation and any results.
f). A list of speaking engagements and the resulting report will be posted on the Website.

If needed, this policy can be changed in the future. S. Hurlbut moved that the EPPPOC develop a list of presenters in certain areas and develop a standard presentation. K. Greeley seconded. No discussion. All in favor. The policy will be included in the next IO mailing.

6. IO Website Update: J. Codner stated that the full capabilities of the website are not being utilized. Auto responder capabilities and mailing lists can be used to reduce the cost of paper mailings. Suggestions for submitting web page changes include the following:
a). Requests should be sent directly to with cc to others
b). Subject line should contain a phase such as “Please Post on Web” then description or a document name and document date if a single document is attached.

It was noted that the RPP is currently available on the site as are meeting minutes and meeting announcements. A schedule of meetings will also be posted.

7. Response to Town of Scipio Discharge Permit Application: IO members were asked to comment on a SPDES permit submitted to the DEC by the Town of Scipio. Construction of the Town’s new highway building is nearly completed. It was noted that the town would only be storing 2 trucks. Melt water/wash water from 2 trucks will drain into a separator (grit and oil) and then be piped into a ditch at the head of Salmon Creek. Following discussion, the IO agreed that the current application is a matter of low importance as the proposed project involves standard and effective practices and will have a negligible impact. D. Grantham will send a letter to the Cayuga County Department of Health stating the IO is in full support of this project.

8. Committee Reports: EPPOC – K. Greeley reported the development of a 3-panal presentation board and power point presentation that will be used at the DOS conference in Albany and also at the Bluefield Manor dinner celebration.

D. Morehouse stated that the Cayuga – Seneca Canal should be included as a portion of the Cayuga Lake watershed because it has a major impact on the north end of the lake. This was discussed with the Technical Committee earlier this year but the canal is not included in the RPP. K. Bertuch responded that the Technical Committee’s response to the canal issue was in agreement with what was being said, but due to the stage of development of the RPP at that time, the canal would not be included as part of the watershed in the RPP. S. Senecah stated it is a good time to include the canal in the watershed due to increased funding opportunities linked to historic preservation (National Heritage Canal). D. Grantham suggested that the Canal should be considered as a possible item for inclusion on the annual workplan of the Environmental Review Committee or the Technical Committee. She noted that D. Morehouse is the Chair of the Environmental Review Committee and it might be appropriate for him to direct that Committee to write something for inclusion in the RPP as it evolves. D. Morehouse feels this would be a more appropriate item for the Technical Committee and will call D. Zorn to get the ball moving.

9. Update on Current IO Structure and Administrative Contacts: All IO committee’s have met membership requirements outlined in the bylaws. Committee chairs should call meetings and develop workplans.

The secretary to the Supervisor of the Town of Dryden will handle IO billing and books, mailings and setting meeting locations through the end of 2001. A request has been made that the Town of Dryden include $10k in its annual budget to help pay for IO administrative tasks during the year 2002. A request for assistance in taking meeting minutes through the end of 2001 was made. S. Hurlbut will take minutes during the October meeting and K. Greeley for the November meeting. D. Grantham will get them typed. B. Stewart will provide refreshments at the Interlaken meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: The IO has a current available balance of $41,276.60. this includes $1,250 received as a close out on the Aid to Localities grant. This grant was for activities conducted in support of the public participation meetings held in the spring of 2001. D. Morehouse moved to approve passing the Aid to Localities grant funds in the amount of $1,250 to the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network for public participation activities completed in support of the RPP. Seconded by B. Stewart. No discussion. All in favor.

Distribution of the RPP: Reps are asked to distribute copies to municipal buildings and other necessary agencies in their areas. Copies not hand delivered will be sent via U.S. Mail at a cost of $3.95 per copy. CNY RPDB will handle mail distribution. Postage will be deducted from the $5,000 CNY RPDB planned to return to the IO from their 3rd-year DOS budget.

The town of Ledyard will transfer IO funds to the Town of Dryden once the DOS third-year contract is closed out. Ledyard must receive and disburse the final DOS payment as they are named as the municipal sponsor.

A copy of the DOS letter in support of the IO and the RPP will be sent to J. Codner for posting on the website. S. Hurlbut will draft a letter for D. Grantham to review before sending it to all Cayuga Lake watershed partners asking them to support the RPP.

IO Organizational Structure Development: S. Senecah will hold the second strategic planning session on Wed., October 10 at the Interlaken Baptist Church from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M. Attendees will be asked to review the IO’s current mission statement with consideration of the need to revise. She requested that members continue to think about other watershed stakeholder groups and bring contact information to the meeting and to also continue thinking about relationships with other stakeholder groups.

K. Greeley suggested it would be wise to develop a press release to schools in the watershed regarding the release of the RPP. She would like educators to tie into current educational programs.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50.

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