Cayuga Lake Intermunicipal Organization Meeting
October 24, 2001
Attendance:  Chuck Howell, Jackie Cassaniti, Larry Fabbroni Deb Grantham, George Kennedy, Sylvia Hurlbut, Sharon Anderson, Linda Wagenet and Karen Harjes.
The meeting was called to order by Chair, Deb Grantham at 7:02 PM.  The committee Reports were given:
Sharon Anderson reported on her presentations to the Lions Club in Union Springs and two groups working on watershed management for Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario.   She said that she has had questions concerning why sedimentation is the highest priority this year for the RPP.  The IO referred this to the Technical Committee to give Sharon information concerning this issue. Jim Skaley made a presentation concerning the IO and the Network to an organization in Cayuga Heights. Deb Grantham requested that this and future such information be submitted to Jerry Codner for posting on the IO Web site. 
Karen Harjes, reported on the Education Public Participation Outreach Committee.  They are putting together the material to apply for a grant to produce TV and radio PSAs and a video that will be used in presentations within the watershed.  The proposal will go through the Network because it is a 5013c funding, required by the RFP.  The committee has put together a list of individuals who EPPOC hopes will serve as speakers on topics related to the RPP. EPPOC will be contacting these people before publicizing their availability on the IO Web site:

Sylvia Hurlbut, Sharon Anderson and Deb Grantham
Environmental Science, Monitoring
Niamh O'Leary, Tom Vawter, Liz Moran
Agricultural Issues
IO Agricultural Committee

Ground Water Contamination, Director of Environmental Health
Cayuga Co. Health Deparment, Eileen O'Connor,
Drinking Water/Wells
Kelly Sevier, Co. Health Depts. Bill Kappell, USGS, Tom Vawter
Stormwater control/regulations;aquifer study
Kate Hackett
City of Ithaca sewer treatment, watersed/water quality           
Jose Lozano, Larry Fabbroni
Dick Coogon (Jacksonville Community Association)
Lake Source Cooling       
Brenda Catland
RUSS unit   
Linda Wagenet

Sharon gave the upcoming meeting schedule:  Joint IO/Network-November 6th-Lansing area and the Network Board meeting- November 8th, Cayuga Nature Center.
Deb Grantham pointed out that all committees need to come up with a work plan for the year 2002 in relation to the RPP and funding needs.
Finance Committee:  The committee met prior to the IO meeting and discussed a new source of funding-Great Lakes Funding.  The information and application is due in January of 2002.  The committee decided that Jose Lozano will put the application together with help and direction from the IO Technical Committee.
IO Funds Financial Report:  Sylvia Hurlbut reported that there is a balance of $24,916.47 as of October 24, 2001.  The IO account is owed $5,000 from the Tompkins County Health Dept. and a little less than $5,000 from the Central New York Regional Planning Board.  We need to get estimates on the CDRom to be produced of the Plan.  Deb is going to get two other estimates to go along with the Mercury Printing estimate.
Sharon Anderson and Sylvia Hurlbut reported on the October 10th meeting with Sue Senecah. Minutes from the meeting are being mailed out by Sue Seneca and they are also on e-mail.  Sue Seneca's report will be available on November 10th prior to the November 15th meeting in Seneca Falls Community Center on Water Street.
Deb Grantham presented the information that she received from Kathy Bertuch concerning Septage spreading in Cayuga County.  The IO decided to refer this to the IO Technical Committee to gather information to present to Cayuga County concerning this issue. 
Gifts were presented to Sylvia Hurlbut in appreciation for her work in the watershed the past 4 years.  The gifts were accepted with much thanks.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.
Submitted by:  Sylvia Hurlbut

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