14 June 2001

Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization/Cayuga Lake Watershed Network Joint Committee Meeting
Ledyard, NY
Linda Wagenet
Bob Fitzgerald
Jackie Cassiniti
Deb Grantham
Chuck Howell
Eli Shockey
Sylvia Hurlbut
Sharon Anderson
Jerry Codner
Dave Morehouse
Janet Hawkes
Rich Harrison
Kathy Bertuch

Susan Senecah, leading candidate for the position of Cayuga Lake Organization Facilitator/Consultant submitted a response to questions posed by the IO Review Committee following her interview for the position. S. Senecah’s response was reviewed and discussed. The response satisfied all concerns. A vote to offer S. Senecah the position was postponed pending the arrival of additional IO members. B. Fitzgerald agreed that S. Senecah should be offered the position but had to leave prior to the formal vote.

D. Grantham presented a rough draft of a proposal for state funds. The draft targets sediment related projects in the major areas of concern as identified in the draft RPP. Following discussion it was agreed that D. Grantham will revise the draft and submit it for further comment by IO members.

Additional discussion was had concerning S. Senecah’s response to IO questions/concerns. A brief summary of each of the two other interviewed candidate’s strengths and weaknesses preceded the vote to offer S. Senecah the position. All voting members were in favor with D. Morehouse voting Yes – under duress. He stated that S. Senecah’s outlined scope of services left many escape clauses that may cause problems down the line.

K. Bertuch will begin work on the contract for service and will talk with S. Senecah about her perception that she will coordinate work with S. Anderson.

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