Ongoing projects

In 2016, the IO applied for a NYS Department of State grant to take the updated recommendations from the 2017 Restoration and Protection Plan, turn them into project ideas, and ready these ideas for applications for funding. The IO was awarded $62,000, which combined with local match, represents a total project cost of $124,000.

The current priority of the IO is to work with the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board and watershed muncipalities to envision projects, identify project partners, and develop project plans.

On April 19, 2018, a Watershed Summit was held to kick off this new grant and inform municipal officials of the grant application support available from the IO.

If your municipality is interested in completing a water quality project, please email the CWIO Chair.

Completed projects

Project Location Project Type Year Grant Funding (Total Cost)
Six Mile Creek, Town of Caroline Stream restoration 2005 $132,200 ($650,000 + funds from DEC, SWCD, City of Ithaca, CCAP, Town of Caroline, Triad Foundation)
Virgil Creek, Town of Dryden Stream restoration 2005 $47,000 ($500,000 funds from FEMA and Town of Dryden)
Genoa/Lansing Town Line Road, Town of Genoa Roadbank stabilization 2005 $3,000 ($22,000 labor and equipment from Town of Genoa)
Wyers Point Road, Town of Ovid Consulting on roadbank stabilization 2005 Engineer volunteered time to discuss options
Salt Point, Town of Lansing Habitat restoration 2007 $51,000 (total $102,000; $51,000 local match)
Watershed-wide Hydroseeding work in four counties 2009 $26,500 (total $53,000)
Interlaken Stormwater retention 2009-2012 $34,000 (total $68,000; $34,000 in-kind match)
Watershed-wide RPP Update 2015-2017 $29,700 (total $58,400)