List of Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan Technical Contacts

This compilation is only for current and planned programs. It covers staff at local agencies and universities. You are encouraged to submit the name and address of people involved in monitoring programs, and if possible a description of the project, to
Jose Lozano
Environmental Labs - City of Ithaca
525 Third St.
Ithaca NY 14850.

Anderson, Sharon
Projects: Cayuga Lake watershed: Environmental education, public participation and outreach.

Bain, Mark
Projects: Ecology, bioassessment, and gap analysis of freshwater streams and lakes. Watersheds: Sixmile Creek and Fall Creek.

Boyer, Elizabeth
Projects: Digitizing of Bouldin's Fall Creek sediments and nutrients
extensive data base (1926 through 1993).

Callinan, Clifford
Projects: RIBS studies in Cayuga Lake. Modeling and development of waste allocations, and safe yield for lakes and reservoirs. Limnological investigations in fate and transport of toxic contaminants, trophic status, and sediment core investigations.

Cowen, Edwin
Projects: 3-D hydrodynamic modeling of Cayuga Lake

DeGloria, Stephen
Projects: Multiscale framework and resource data (GIS) for characterization of the Cayuga Lake Watershed.

Eckhardt, David. USGS
Projects: Water quality studies. Statewide appraisal of pesticide residues in the surface and ground water of New York.

Effler, Steven. Upstate Freshwater Institute.
Projects: Physical, chemical and biological aspects of surface waters.

Hairston, Jr. Nelson
Projects: Lake ecology projects, phosphorus concentration sediment records at the south end of Cayuga Lake.

Johnson, Robert
Projects: Macrophyte composition and biological control in Cayuga Lake.

Kappel, William. USGS.
Projects: Hydrogeology of the Cayuga Lake watershed

Karig, Daniel
Projects: Sixmile Creek Hydrodynamics.

Ketola, George. USGS.
Projects: Fish (salmonoids and walleye) physiology and nutrition.

Kraemer, Thomas. USGS.
Projects: Geochemistry of naturally-occurring radionuclides as indicators of natural process and anthropogenic activity occurring within the lake basin.

Loucks, Daniel
Projects: Systems R&D for environmental resources planning & management.
Several simulation models for flow, T, nutrients, sediments concentration, and
bioassessment for the Fall Creek and Sixmile Creek watersheds.

Lozano, Jose. Environmental Labs City of Ithaca.
Projects: Sixmile Creek watershed management plan. Streambank stabilization,
riparian buffer restoration and bioassesment.

McKenna, Jr. James. Tunison Lab of Aquatic Science.
Projects: Littoral zone fish assemblages of Northern Cayuga Lake

Marks, Peter
Projects: Changes in forest area and land use in the uplands around Cayuga Lake.

Moran, Elizabeth. EcoLogic LLC.
Projects: Thermal, water quality, and biological characterization of Cayuga Lake.

Mullins, Henry Dept. of Earth Sciences, Syracuse U, Syracuse NY 13244
Projects: Marine geophysical surveys of the Finger Lakes: Use of lake sediments
as records of natural and anthropogenic environmental changes.

Oglesby, Ray
Projects: Cayuga Lake Watershed planning & management.

Packard, Susan. Nat.Audubon Soc./Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Projects: Cayuga Lake's quality as an ornithological habitat.

Peckarsky, Barbara
Projects: Macroinvertebrate community composition and structure at Cayuga Inlet

Penningroth, Steve
Projects: Citizen monitoring and bioassessment at the Fall Creek watershed

Rudstam, Lars. Cornell Biological Field Station.
Projects: Zooplankton, fish, and mysid shrimp pelagic interactions in Cayuga Lake Associates: Tom Chioti, NYS-DEC

Schneider, Rebecca
Projects: Streamsides and wetlands as critical components of Cayuga Lake. Wetland plant communities and groundwater. Ecological water resources protection.

Steenhuis, Tammo
Projects: Modeling and simulation of tributaries to Cayuga Lake, Natural Resources planning and management

Taylor, Marshall. Resources Planning Associates, Inc.
Projects: Natural resources planning. Watershed management at Sixmile Creek and Fall Creek.

Yager, Richard. USGS.
Projects: Modeling of ground-water flow and transport. Sedimentation rates in Cayuga Lake.

Wagenet, Linda
Projects: Cayuga Lake watershed planning and management.

White, William
Projects: Sedimentation rates in Cayuga Lake

Vawter, Thomas. Wells College.
Projects: Benthic macroinvertebrates as indicators of water quality in two tributaries of Cayuga Lake (Paine's Creek and Great Gully)

Contacts at the County level are indicated here. Please contact Jose Lozano,, with the name, agency, and description of projects to be added to this directory.

Adams, Molly
Projects: Coordinate watershed management. Caroline Watersheds Council

Barber, Amanda
USDA Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District
100 Grange Pl. Room 204, Cortland NY
Projects: Water Quality Coordinating Committee

Barnes, Jeff (607) 687-3553
USDA Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District
Projects: Water Quality Coordinating Committee

Brower, Bob
Cayuga County Planning.
Projects: Water Quality Coordinating Committee

Daelrymple, Elaine (607) 535-9650
USDA Schuyler County Soil & Water Conservation District.
Projects: Water Quality Coordinating Committee

Eidt, Steve
NYS DEC Region 7 Chief
Projects: Watershed Management Plans - Permitting

Hurlbut, Sylvia
Intermunicipal Organization, Chair.
Local government agencies contact. Cayuga Lake Management Plan.
Projects: Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan development

Malyj, James
USDA Seneca County Soil & Water Conservation District (water quality coordinating committee
Projects: Water quality monitoring. Macrophytes control.

Landre, Betsy
Finger Lakes- Lake Ontario Watershed Protection Alliance, FL-LOWPA
Projects: Coordinates counties alliance to promote watershed planning.

Lozano, Jose
City of Ithaca Environmental Laboratories (Drinking & Waste Water)
Sixmile Creek steambank & riparian buffers restoration. Cayuga Lake monitoring
program coordination.

Zorn, David
Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council
Projects: Cayuga Lake Watershed Management Plan - Technical Coordination

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